Provide Support

As a survivor of a crime, the judicial process can be stressful, emotional and confusing at times. The Victim/Witness Unit can help to offer emotional support to you throughout the process.

Court Accompaniment

A member of our Unit to help guide you and address any questions you may have.

Orientation and Information

About the Criminal Justice process, clarification on the criminal justice proceedings and courtroom settings.

Transportation and Logistical Support

Parking, child care, transportation or bus fare so that you may participate in court proceedings. Travel/lodging arrangements and expenses for out-of-state witnesses may be provided by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office when their appearance in court is required.


To social service agencies, supportive services, support groups, counselors and other professionals who may assist you and your family.

Private Waiting Area

For you and your family prior to your court appearance (or during recess).

Employer and School Intervention
To explain time missed from work/school due to required court appearances.

Property Recovery

Of items that are held as evidence (after court adjudication).

NEW! Project Direct- Virtual Victim Services

The mission of Project Direct is to improve the quality of direct victim services, raise community awareness, and strengthen our partnerships with local law enforcement agencies across Union County. If you would like to have a confidential Virtual Victim Service Session with an Advocate contact our Toll-Free # 1-855-271-2376 or send an email request (Subject line: Project Direct) for more information.

Assistance with Restitution

To help explain, understand and complete the Victim Information Form the information on this form will be used by the Assistant Prosecutor , Probation Department and the Judge to decide how much restitution the defendant should pay to you

Advocacy and Support

With any problems you have as a result of the crime itself or court appearances.

Assistance intimidated, harassed or afraid.

Assistance in obtaining a court order requiring a sexual assault offender to submit to approved testing for HIV/AIDS.