Body-Worn Cameras

The Union County law enforcement community has long recognized the importance of transparency in law enforcement operations and worked to build each agency’s capacity for transformational policing through the use of body-worn cameras.

Use of the body-worn cameras increases officer accountability, heightens officer safety, and allows management to examine an officer’s actions while performing their law enforcement duties.  This allows the Union County law enforcement to be better trained, better performing, better supervised, more transparent, and provide better service to the public we serve.  

At this time, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office Investigators will be utilizing body worn cameras. 

The public can expect to see members of the UCPO using these cameras while on duty, depending on their assignment, or the type of investigation they are conducting.  These cameras will be used consistent with the applicable laws and statutes, BWC policy, and those policies or guidelines issued by the New Jersey Attorney General.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office has adopted the Axon Body 3, which is shown below, to depict how it will be worn by our Investigators.