Community Outreach Initiatives
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UCPO’s new leadership team and the people of the UCPO are committed to strengthening the Office’s relationship with the Union County community. 

Building strong community ties requires implementing initiatives that produce results, making connections with stakeholders, meeting the needs of the community – not by assuming you know what those needs are – but rather by listening to the community to properly identify the needs to be met, it means better training and safety support for our officers, it requires many different things for different communities – but at its core building strong community ties starts with a mindset. 

Building strong community ties requires remaining a part of the community you serve and treating everyone you encounter through your work as a friend, neighbor, or loved one, as though the people you meet in your work may not be those people to you, they surely are to someone else in our community.

Thank you for visiting UCPO’s outreach page, and for your interest in our outreach efforts – some of which are detailed here.