Educational Presentations and Offerings

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office offers a wide array of educational programs and presentations for Union County public school students, parents, and faculty, community organizations, and members of the public.  If you are interested in arranging an educational outreach event for your school or community group, please email us at, and list the specific title of the educational program as the subject line of your email.  Please contact UCPO Public Information Officer Lauren Farinas at 908-527-4586, should you require more information.

Union County Prosecutor’s Office personnel with expertise in the relevant topic areas provide the following educational offerings:

Animal Cruelty Prevention: this presentation, full of colorful pictures, relies on student participation to educate students on the importance of preventing animal cruelty. Students learn how to properly care for a pet, what environment a pet needs to thrive in, and what to do if they see a pet/animal being mistreated. The presentation also touches on what laws exist to protect pets and wild animals, and is presented in conjunction with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison. (Pre K through 3rd Grade).

Kids Spreading Kindness For Adults: As a companion to our Kids Spreading Kindness presentation we offer a similar training to parents, educators and administrators, which promotes awareness of cyber safety, cyberbullying, and bias incidents among our youth. The presentation defines cyberbullying, bias crimes, traditional bullying, and the ramifications participation in these harmful discourses may have on a student’s future. (Parents/Teachers/Administrators).

Drug Awareness: Through this presentation experts in the field of narcotics and gang investigations, educate parents, teachers and/or administrators, on the signs of drug use and abuse, the paraphernalia commonly associated with drug use, as well as provide visuals for common types of recreational drugs. Detectives are available to present during after-work hours, when more parents may be available to attend. (Parents/Teachers/Administrators).

Justice in Action: Friday Visits to UCPO: local schools are invited to visit the Union County Prosecutor’s on a Friday to observe “sentencing day.” Each Friday, the county court system sentences previously convicted offenders. This opportunity allows students to see, first-hand, the consequences of breaking the law and the justice system in action. In addition to watching the sentencings in a courtroom, students are usually given an opportunity to ask their law enforcement guide, the judge, assistant prosecutors, public defenders, and probation officers, questions during breaks in court. This program runs from approximately 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., and is available to Union County students in grades 6 through 12. 

Forensics Laboratory Speaker / Tour: The Union County Prosecutor’s Office Forensics Laboratory staff are available to come speak to local high school and college students about a career in forensic science and explain the laboratory’s role in county-wide investigations. The laboratory uses advanced technology to process DNA evidence and certify/identify illicit drugs seized during investigations. In addition to guest speakers, the laboratory staff also offer, in a very limited capacity, tours of the facility to groups of up to 20 students. On the tour, students will see both the Controlled Substance Section and the Biology Section of the laboratory and use a microscope to analyze samples. Tours run from approximately 9 a.m. – 11 a.m., whereas guest lectures run approximately 40 minutes. (Available to College and High School Forensics, Biology, and Chemistry Classes).

Career Panels: The Union County Prosecutor’s Office has over 250 employees.  Our team is comprised of lawyers, investigators, scientists, forensic nurses, victim witness advocates, police training officers, and various civilian employees who serve in various roles, working together to serve justice and the public.  We are happy to speak on career panels for area colleges and high schools, to encourage Union County’s youth to consider careers in public service and law enforcement. There is nothing more rewarding than serving your community.

Supporting Our Troops at Home and Abroad: UCPO Veteran Outreach: Many members of the law enforcement community and the public at large are active members of the armed forces or veterans. We as a community must continue to support our troops once they have returned home and/or completed their service to our great nation. UCPO wants to do our part in that effort. In partnership with the County’s Office of Veteran Services, members of the detective and legal staff who served, or who currently serve as reservists, act as Veteran Outreach Liaisons, bringing vital information about veteran services to the public and our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.