Man Pleads Guilty in Plainfield Armed Robbery

The ringleader of a group of thieves who broke into the home of and terrorized an elderly Plainfield resident, pleaded guilty in court today to a charge of 1st Degree Armed Robbery, said Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow.

Ronald Cherry DOB: 5/17/1986 of Plainfield will be sentenced to 18 years in prison for his role in the horrific home invasion that left the victim, now 86-years-old, with severe burns, stab wounds and head injuries sustained from a hammer, said Assistant Prosecutor Patricia Cronin, who prosecuted the case. The victim was hospitalized for three days following the attack.

On August 25, 2008, Cherry and two others forced their way into the West 8th Street home of the victim and over the course of an hour beat, stabbed and burned the man before making off with $300 in cash and a few credit cards, said Cronin.

The victim, who was bound managed to free himself and call police. The two other robbers, Robert Harris DOB: 9/25/1992 of Plainfield and Shevon Ricks DOB: 1/11/1984 of Camden were arrested on September 3, 2008 following another burglary in Scotch Plains where they used the another burglary victim’s credit card at a Wal-Mart.

Ricks pled guilty on Feb 23, 2010 to several charges including 1st Degree robbery during the course of kidnapping. She will received 13 years in prison and is currently awaiting sentencing. Harris was waived up to adult court and pled guilty on May 24, 2010 to 1st Degree Kidnapping and will receive an 8 year prison sentence, said Cronin.

Cherry was arrested on September 14, 2008 and he is scheduled to be sentenced on July 8, 2011.