Plainfield Woman Charged in Baby’s Death

A Plainfield woman is charged with 2nd Degree unlawfully disturbing, moving or concealing human remains, in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:22-1(a)(1), said Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow.

Sylvia Rosana Lopez was charged after she gave birth inside her West Front Street apatment.

The woman had called for EMS complaining of Labdominal pain” at 144a.m. And an ambulance did not arrive at the house until 40 minutes later, said Romankow.

Upon their arrival, the woman had given birth to a full-term child, and had attempted to secret the baby in a knotted plastic garbage bag.

The results from an autopsy performed this morning are pending and additional charges may be filed.

The mother was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Lopez will make a court appearance in the coming days.

This remains an active investigation. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.