Union County Prosecutor’s Office to Share Missing Persons Profiles on Social Media

Today is National Missing Persons Day, a day created to reignite the search for individuals across our country that are currently missing.

In Union County, nearly sixty individuals are presently classified as “missing”. In light of this, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office (UCPO) will begin an initiative this month to share images and information on our county’s missing persons through UCPO social media feeds. In doing so, we hope to shed new light on the whereabouts of our county’s missing people by engaging the public and encouraging tip sharing.

Each week, beginning next Monday, February 10, information and photos relating to a missing member of our community will be shared on our social media platforms, @UCPONJ on twitter and UCPONJ on LinkedIn. Along with the missing persons’ particulars will be contact information for the law enforcement agencies connected to the individual. Our hope in reintroducing these materials is that the community will share the information, generating new leads. These leads can then be forwarded to law enforcement for investigation, hopefully aiding in the location of the missing individual.

It is important to remember that these missing persons are not just someone’s family or friend, they are valued members of our community in Union County. Even if you are not personally connected to one of the missing, every share and retweet brings us one step closer to reaching someone who may know something.

Undertaking this initiative is especially important to the family and friends of the missing, because it lets them know that their loved ones have not been forgotten by law enforcement and members of the community.

Thank you for your assistance in this effort.

Lyndsay V. Ruotolo
Acting Prosecutor
Union County Prosecutor’s Office