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Andrew K. RuOTOLO, JR. Justice CENTER
32 Rahway Avenue, elizabeth, NJ 07202

Lyndsay V. Ruotolo
Acting Prosecutor

The Police Academy in Union County has been producing qualified law enforcement officers for municipal, county and state agencies since 1946.

Our twenty(20)-week curriculum meets the strict requirements of the New Jersey Police Training Commission and utilizes the services of many experts in various areas of law enforcement to assure that Academy graduates have the desire, ability and judgment to serve the public and honor their oath of office.

We offer a training course designed for the newly appointed police officer in accordance with The Police Training Act (52:17B-66 et.seq.) and approved by the Police Training Commission, Department of Law and Public Safety and The State of New Jersey. Contents include subjects grouped into the broad categories of (a) Administration of Justice, (b) Patrol, (c) Human Behavior, (d) Physical Skills, (e) Investigations, and (f) Highway Safety and Electives.

The Alternate Route Program is currently authorized by the Police Training Commission. We will accept Alternate Route Candidates as we are able. Please see the ALTERNATE ROUTE OPPORTUNITIES page for additional information about this program.

For more information about the program and candidate qualifications, please go to HOW TO BECOME A POLICE OFFICER & ALTERNATE ROUTE OPPORTUNITIES.