“In The Line of Duty” Officer Memorial

As you approach the John H. Stamler Police Academy on the walkway leading to the front door, at the base of the flagpole bearing the American flag, you pass by an obelisk stone memorializing the names of the Union County officers who fell in the line of duty.

It is both a tribute to those officers, and a reminder to those of us they left behind that the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officers often places them at risk.

The staff of the John H. Stamler Police Academy is grateful for the men and women who place their lives on the line each and every day to protect our communities

Every life lost is a personal tragedy, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and communities of those we lost.

Albert E. Jewell, Special PolicemanRahwayMarch 2, 1895
Jeremiah Dunham, PolicemanRahwayApril 26,1899
Robert Paton, Police OfficerElizabethOctober 16, 1918
John J. Hiney, CaptainElizabethOctober 22, 1918
Jacob Kraus, Police OfficerRahwayFebruary 26, 1919
James Lynch, Police OfficerRahwayFebruary 26, 1919
Florance J. O’Sullivan, Chief of PoliceScotch PlainsSeptember 2, 1921
William John Logan, Chief of PoliceFanwoodSeptember 27, 1921
Michael Norton, DetectiveElizabethJuly 21, 1922
Harry Orr, Police OfficerRahwayDecember 41   1922
Maurice P. Higgins, LieutenantPlainfieldNovember 26, 1925
Frank Remer, SergeantRahwayApril 12, 1926
Edwin B. Fitzpatrick, PatrolmanUCParkOctober 17, 1928
Thomas F. Condron, Police OfficerElizabethMarch 22, 1930
John G. Finiello, Special AgentUSDOJSeptember 19, 1930
John F. McGann, Police OfficerElizabethDecember 15, 1930
Thomas W. England, PatrolmanHillsideAugust 16, 1932
Frank Carine, Jr., Police OfficerElizabethJuly 1, 1934
John Byko, PolicemanLindenJune 17, 1935
William J. Kroeschel, Police OfficerElizabethAugust 14, 1936
Edgar (Doc) Wright, PatrolmanWestfieldFebruary 22, 1938
George N. Guempel, Police OfficerElizabethApril15, 1941
Andrew P. Forbes, PatrolmanRoselleJune 22, 1951
Clinton Bond, SergeantUnionFebruary 12, 1954
Charles Bernoskie, Police OfficerRahwayNovember 28, 1958
Joseph R. Roessner, PatrolmanSpringfieldMarch13, 1962
John V. Gleason, Jr., PatrolmanPlainfieldJuly 16, 1967
Thomas W. Kavula, TrooperNJSPSeptember 19, 1968
Robert M.  Perry, PatrolmanPlainfieldJuly 1, 1970
John James Burns, Police OfficerRahwayJanuary 8, 1971
William J. Waterson, PatrolmanClarkJuly 4,1971
Frank Buczek, PatrolmanPlainfieldSeptember 22, 1971
Robert F. Hand, PatrolmanCranfordFebruary 11, 1975
Anthony Lordi,PatrolmanHillsideDecember 14, 1979
Abigail J. Powlett, Police OfficerPlainfieldMarch 19,1985
Thomas J.  Hanratty, TrooperNJSPApril 2, 1992
Thomas P. Haughton, PatrolmanGarwoodNovember 24, 1995
Mathew L. Tarantino, DetectiveSummitMay 30, 2017

In The Line Of Duty Memorial Ceremony

Remembering and honoring Law Enforcement Officers who made the ultimate sacrifice