Message from Chris Debbie, Chief of Police

The Union County Police Department is a pro-active law enforcement agency, serving a county populous of more than 500,000 citizens. Our agency’s 73 members provide a full spectrum of law enforcement and protection services. Our police agency is entirely dedicated to providing a comprehensive police presence in every area of our enforcement responsibility, while fostering and maintaining positive police and public relations with an ethnically diverse county population. Our police department’s foremost responsibility is providing for the general health, safety and welfare of all our residents within the territorial boundaries of the County of Union. With the complete availability of all our police resources, we are committed to rendering professional law enforcement and protection services to all county-owned buildings, properties and facilities, including more than 6,000 acres of recreational county park land. Furthermore, the Union County Police remains completely responsive and supportive to the law enforcement needs of every Union County municipality, by sharing our specialized police resources in an earnest endeavor to maintain a safe and secure environment for all the residents of Union County.

These are exciting, challenging and certainly anxious times for law enforcement. As our nation continually prepares and enhances itself in our homeland security efforts, law enforcement officials have been confronted with new complexities in providing for effective policing. The Union County Police have realized that traditional police allocation methods would have to be replaced with a policing process that would effectively address our domestic homeland defense posture, our family protection and safety needs and our day-to-day efforts in the delivery of police services. We have met this challenge and will continue to evaluate and implement innovative law enforcement programs that will improve and expand our capabilities to provide quality and proficient police services.

We are indeed proud of the many new and innovative police programs and services that we have recently developed. Please browse through our website and get a summary tour of the many diverse and unique services and programs conducted by the Union County Police Department. On behalf of our entire agency, thank you for visiting our site.


Chris Debbie
County Police Chief