Union County Sheriff's Office
Peter Corvelli Jr.

Many fugitives from justice elect to flee to another state in an attempt to avoid apprehension. This decision to flee creates additional work for Law Enforcement Officers charged with their apprehension. The Sheriff’s Extradition Unit is responsible for tracking these fugitives. The NCIC and the SCIC computer systems have proven to be invaluable tools in locating out of state fugitives.

Once a fugitive is located the Extradition Unit must prepare the proper paperwork and make the necessary arrangements to return the fugitive to New Jersey. This effort may even involve securing a Governor’s Warrant for a fugitive who chooses to fight the extradition process.

The return of Union County fugitives arrested in other states can become a costly proposition. The Union County Sheriff’s Office makes every effort to hold down these costs but the final extradition decision rest with the Prosecutor’s Office.

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