Court Fee Schedule

For use as a guide for clients. 

Probate of Wills & Copies
Probate of Will between $101.00 & $199.0050.00
Probate of Will up to 2 pages100.00
Probate of Will Codicil 1 page, 1 witness25.00
Probate, extra pages of Wills for probate, each page5.00
Commission, in other state or country – To Notary or Court35.00
Commission in the State of NJ – To other Surrogate5.00
Will, Exemplified for other states 2 pages + forms (to prepare)84.00
Extra pages5.00
Recording exemplified copy from other state (to file)5.00
Letters of Trusteeship – Includes one acceptance & 1 certificate
Trustee, 1 certificate50.00
1 trust, 2 trustees60.00
1 trust, 3 trustees70.00
2 trusts, 1 trustee100.00
2 trusts, 2 trustees, trustee for each trust105.00
2 trusts, 2 trustees, two trustees for each trust110.00
2 trusts, 3 trustees, 3 trustees for each trust140.00
Administration $100.00 to $199.0062.50
Administration (over $200.00)125.00
Administration Ad Prosequendum50.00
Administration CTA, Will Annexed100.00
Other documents, per page5.00
Administration, Exemplifying75.00
Guardianship of Minors
Letters of Guardianship Minor, property less than $1000.00
Letters of Guardianship Minor, property less than $20025.00
Letters of Guardianship Minor,50.00
Superior Court
Filing complaint, Superior Court Action175.00
Filing transcript of death certificate5.00
Guardian Ad Litem25.00
Incapacity Determination200.00
Search fee, per estate10.00
Service of process by Surrogate25.00
Short Certificates5.00
Short Certificates, validation within 1 year of issue (update)3.00
Refunding bond & release up to 2 pages10.00
Proof of Mailing (per page)5.00
Disclaimers (per page)5.00