Guardianship of a Minor

3B:12-12Jurisdiction of surrogate to appoint guardians for minors
In the appointment of guardians for minors, the surrogate’s court of the county in which the minor may reside or if he is nonresident, then the county in which he may have real or personal estate, shall have and exercise the same powers as the Superior Court.

3B:12-13 Power to designate testamentary guardian.
Subject to the provisions of N.J.S.3B:12-14, either parent may, by his will, appoint a guardian of the person and a guardian of the estate, or a guardian of the person and estate, of any of the parent’s children, including children en ventre sa mere, who are under the age of 18 years and unmarried at the death of the parent.

3B:12-14.  Consent of surviving parent;  formal requisites
Where an appointment is made under N.J.S. 3B:12-13 and the other parent survives the appointing parent, the appointment shall be effective only when the surviving parent, at or before the issuance of the letters, consents thereto in writing and signs and acknowledges the consent in the presence of two witnesses present at the same time who subscribe their names as witnesses thereto in his presence.

3B:12-23Guardian for child of absconding or absent parent
If a resident of this State has or shall abscond or absent himself from the  State, leaving a child under the age of 18 without sufficient provision for his  maintenance and education, the surrogate of the county wherein the child  resides, or the Superior Court, may appoint a guardian for his person or estate  or both.  The Superior Court may revoke the appointment when it shall appear  proper.

3B:12-55. When authority and responsibility of guardian terminate
The authority and responsibility of a guardian of the person or estate of a minor terminate upon the death, resignation or removal of the guardian or upon the minor’s death, adoption, marriage or attainment of 18 years of age, but termination does not affect the guardian’s liability for prior acts, nor his obligation to account for funds and assets of his ward. Resignation of a guardian does not terminate the guardianship unless it has been approved by a judgment of the court.

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