How to apply if you are not from New Jersey

If you are a resident of New York, California or another State, you can request that the Surrogate prepare a Commission for you to sign the necessary documents in front of a Notary Public in another State or American Consulate in another Country.  Please be advised that there is a fee associated with the commission.  For a notary in another state it is $35.00.  The same would be true for the American Consulate in another Country however, there would be an additional fee of $15.00 for International Postage for mailing the paperwork.

If you live in another county in New Jersey and would like us to commission the paperwork to another Surrogate in the State the cost is $35.00.  If you live in New Jersey the only way we will accept the papers is if they are notarized by another County Surrogate or their representative.

Multiple Executors or Alternates

If the named Executor wishes to renounce, we would prepare the paperwork and give the renunciation of an executor or administrator to the attorney or the representative to be mailed out along with the certification of authentication for a notary to be filled out, signed & returned to us.  If the executor or administrator are qualifying, then we sent everything to the notary, and charge the commission.

The alternate representative(s) would then have the next right to serve.  If there are two named Executors or alternates either one may renounce in favor of the other one.  Sometimes this is best when the assets are here in New Jersey and one of the Executors is in Ohio or Seattle.  When they act as co-executors or co-administrators, they must be present at the same time when claiming the assets of the estate;  they have to act together.

In order for us to send a commission or a notary papers to take your signatures, you would have to supply us with the name, address and phone number of the person who will be taking your signatures (In the US).   If it is to a consulate it would go to the American Consulate in that country, you would have to let us know where the closest consulate or embassy is located.  You may go online to to find the nearest consulate or embassy to you.

If you have unusual circumstances we suggest that you call our office and speak to a probate clerk who will answer your questions.