How to Obtain a Copy of the Will

If you need to obtain a copy of a Last Will and Testament that has been probated in Union County you may do so by calling the office to find out many pages are in the Will.  The cost for copies is $3.00 per page.  We can be reached at: 908-527-4280. 

All correspondence may be addressed to:

Union County Surrogate
Union County Courthouse
2 Broad Street
Elizabeth, NJ 07207

Please enclose the name of the Decedent, date of death, and a self-addressed, stamped, envelope.

Types of Copies and Court Authentication

Plain Copy: A plain copy is a photocopy of the court document.

Certified Copy: A certified copy is a plain copy with a stamp affixed with the Superior Court Clerk/Deputy Clerk’s signature attesting to the authenticity of the document.

Seal of the Court: The seal of the Superior Court may be affixed to a certified copy.

Exemplified Copy: An exemplified copy includes the attestation of the clerk and seal of the court annexed, if a seal exists, together with a certificate of a judge of the court that the said attestation is in proper form. An exemplified copy is usually requested when the document shall be proved or admitted in other courts within the United States and its Territories and Possessions.

Triple Exemplified Copy: A triple exemplified copy contains an additional certification in which the judge certifies as to the form of the attestation in the verification and the authority of the Clerk of the Court who signed the exemplification, and the Clerk certifies as to the authority of the judge.

Apostille: An Apostille is provided attesting to the legal status of selected public officials, such as Judges, Clerks of Court and County Clerks. It is provided if the transaction involves a country that subscribes to the Hague Treaty and is processed through the New Jersey Division of Revenue. A requestor must first receive the exemplified copy from the Superior Court Clerk’s Office and forward to the Division of Revenue.