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Jordan….what is the journal entry? I miss the place where people get to comment on what they see. Is that somewhere?

Hi everyone! As of around 12:30PM on 4/28/22 we have another hatchling in the nest! Hopefully hatchling #4 isn’t too far behind! Updates to follow 🙂

Two solid feedings early today, one at 0630 of an entire grackel, the other at 0830 of a partial unidentifiable small bird. All 3 look strong so far. 4th egg not showing any action.

The sound with the new cameras really adds a lot to the experience. There is so much communication between the chicks and both adults. Great addition!

Hello, today we noticed someone’s hand clearing out the the nest and then placing the baby chicks back with their bare hands. Since then, the mother Falcon has not returned to the baby chicks. Our students are concerned. Anyone know if the mom is coming back? Hope the baby chicks will be ok!

By now you have noticed that the parents are back and caring for the chicks. A Biologist from NJ division of fish and Wild life visited the nest in order to medicate the chicks. See the latest post in the “updates” section

NJ Fish & Wildlife removed it, I assume probably for analysis, while they were treating the chicks for trichomoniasis yesterday. It was not going to hatch at this point.

Two of the chicks have left the shelter. Please find them and put them back. Please. They will not survive.

5/27/2022: 1248 hrs. Feeding time. Some kind of bird being fed with a green band on its leg. Adult ripped off leg and one of the chicks swallowed the leg whole including the tag. I hope all comes out in the end.

I just saw that again tonight June 1, whole banded leg gulped down… would love to hear DEP commentary on this aspect of the banding programs…

It comes from what I call a “poop shoot’, so even if they clean it, it happens again.

I only ever seem to see two falcons…are there still three”

Saw one of the babies blown off the ledge this morning, really hope they landed on a ledge below…

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