Is the Contact Tracing Call Legit?

Union County Contact Tracers complete a comprehensive training before they can make calls to the public. In addition to learning how to use the State’s secure epidemiological surveillance system, the tracers learn about interview skills, ethics, and patient privacy.

Report potential scam calls online to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs or by calling 973-504-6240.


  • ask for your full name and date of birth
  • ask you questions about your gender, race, and ethnicity
  • ask you if you’re pregnant
  • ask you where you live and who else lives with you
  • ask you about your place of work
  • ask you to identify any symptoms that you may be experiencing
  • ask you about your medical history
  • ask you if you’re uninsured for the purposes of giving you information about free testing and care

Will Never

  • ask you for your Social Security, banking, or card numbers
  • ask you for your driver’s license number
  • ask you about your immigration status
  • ask you any personally identifying questions without first stating that the entire conversation is confidential
  • reveal who you know that has tested positive for COVID (that information is legally protected by HIPAA)
  • track your cell phone, GPS location, or geolocation