Lost Your Vaccination Card?

Docket is a free new app for mobile devices that helps take the sting out of losing a COVID-19 vaccination card, by providing all the information at the touch of a button.

β€œThe COVID-19 vaccination card is a small document that can be easily lost, damaged, or misplaced. Having your immunization records on the Docket mobile app is an easy, convenient way to ensure that information is at your fingertips whenever you need it,” said Union County Commissioner Board Chairman Alexander Mirabella.

Docket is offered through the New Jersey Department of Health in an effort to provide residents with easy access to their vaccination records. It is available as a free download in both English and Spanish, through the App Store or Google Play sites.

The highly infectious Delta variant is potentially causing a new wave of COVID-19 infections in New Jersey and elsewhere. The Commissioner Board strongly urges residents who have not been vaccinated to get their jab as soon as possible.

Ample supplies of vaccine are available in Union County, and making an appointment is quick and easy.