Walk-up Locations

Union County residents can now walk up without an appointment to any FREE Mobile Covid-19 testing site offered, with a smart phone or tablet; no vehicle required. Tablets will be provided for those without smart devices.

For questions regarding testing locations not listed below, contact 908-518-4307.

The Union County COVID-19 Mobile Test Unit has conducted more than 2,000 tests to date and is staffed by health professionals with the Union County Division of Health.

All walk-ups below use saliva tests

No appointment required unless otherwise noted — registration is done on-site with mobile phone or tablet. Mask required. No food, drink, smoking or chewing gum 30 minutes prior. Results under 72 hours.

Upcoming Dates

Results are typically provided within 48 – 72 hours

You will receive an e-mail when your results become available. If you did not yet receive your results after 72 hours, please use this form and a coordinator will contact you.