Sophia’s Italian Restaurant

Nomination from Hanna Lee

When COVID-19 hit every restaurant was scrambling to figure out how to handle their survival. It’s hard to imagine how with only being allowed a handful of customers in at a time and having to be spaced six feet apart how a business can survive. Sophia’s is a survivor!

They revamped their service to take out and were fantastic on social media. As a customer knowing that I can order online and enjoy my favorite Ravioli makes me happy. When they opened the tent I couldn’t wait to get out of the house!

They were on top of cleaning and checked temperatures as we walked in. I’m looking forward to normal days and glad they are still around!!

Union County Small Business Community Champion’s Story

It was a struggle to keep my doors open during Covid. I’m grateful for the help of my loyal customers, local community and staff, they were the reason I was able to get through this tough time.

First off we implemented new safety and disinfecting protocols. We purchased new cleaning items and equipment that enabled us to add a rigorous daily cleaning routine. This routine included wearing masks and gloves, constant sanitizing and bleaching. I was lucky to have the support of all the local people around me. I shifted to full takeout until outdoor eating was permitted, and signed up with 3 delivery services. Since restricting were in place for indoor dining I invested in a 75 person tent for outdoor dining and sacrificed the parking lot. I made sure all my social media advertising was updated to keep people informed and encouraged them to dine out.

At the onset of allowing customers to eat outside temperatures were taken and seating was spread 6 feet apart. I gave back and participated in town donations for various organizations.

I look forward to serving our community for years to come!