Speaking Engagements

Beginning in the spring of 2023, Surrogate Hudak announced his speaking series “Setting Your Intentions.” The presentation aims to educate community members on the importance of estate planning, including understanding assets, advanced care planning, probating a Will, power of attorney, living Wills, and administrations, to name a few topics.

Surrogate Hudak encourages dialogue while presenting so individuals will understand how to have these meaningful but sometimes challenging conversations with their family, friends, or doctors.

This year, Surrogate Hudak also introduced “Taking the Next Step: What Happens to Your Loved Ones with Special Needs When They Turn 18.” This conversation aims to give families the tools and resources to better understand the guardianship process.

Surrogate Hudak is looking to have these conversations with your group. Please contact Carolyn Thomas at 908-527-4280 for more information if you would like to schedule a visit.