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All pedestrians walking to and from the Bollwage Garage will not be permitted to walk on the sidewalk adjacent to the County Parking Garage due to a sidewalk closure. The driveway between the New Annex Building and the County Parking garage will also be closed to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Pedestrians walking to Caldwell Place/Bollwage Garage must utilize the sidewalk on the Union County Jail side of Elizabethtown Plaza. A temporary walkway has been established between the blue guard shack near the jail sally port and the Bollwage Garage. Anyone going from the Bollwage Garage to County complex can enter the walkway by crossing Elizabethtown Plaza at Caldwell Place the corner near the Bollwage Garage.

Below is an image that shows the closed areas in red. The pedestrian route is indicated in green. Everyone is advised to use caution when crossing Elizabethtown Plaza, especially at the new crossing point across from the Bollwage Garage. Click the image for a larger view.