Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded was elected as Freeholder in November of 2018 to serve her first three-year term.

A lifelong resident of Union County, Palmieri-Mouded was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ, and now lives in Westfield with her husband George, and their four young boys: twins Matthew and Christopher, Nicholas, and Ryan. 

Since a very young age, Palmieri-Mouded was always drawn to public service, and actively participated in various groups within her community and church, tirelessly supporting local education initiatives and programs.

Palmieri-Mouded attended St. John’s University in Staten Island, NY, where she obtained a B.A. in English and a M.P.S. in Criminal Justice Leadership. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked for the University’s Division of Student Affairs as the Assistant to the Dean. She quickly advanced in her career to Associate Dean for Student Life. In addition to teaching courses and managing a large financial budget, Palmieri-Mouded supervised many projects, events, activities, and programs. She oversaw all student organizations and planned and organized various experiences and off-campus community service projects for the school and the local community. Through the various projects Palmieri-Mouded developed, she provided valuable services to the public that demonstrated public service and leadership. 

After the premature birth of her twin boys, Palmieri-Mouded made the decision to put her career on hold and stay home to take care of her children.

Palmieri-Mouded’s interest in serving as a Freeholder stems from her desire to serve her community, and was partly inspired by her father, Ed Palmieri, who had served as a Freeholder in the 1980s. She believes in the practice of being a servant leader. Whether serving as a volunteer in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and as a Caritas Volunteer in Rome, Italy, or simply volunteering at her local senior center, she is aware of the responsibility that comes with leading and serving others. Prior to her election as Freeholder, she enjoyed taking an active role in her local community, serving as an Executive Board Member of the Newcomers Club of Westfield and as a class parent at her children’s school. 

Freeholder Palmieri-Mouded truly appreciates the critically significant role that local government plays in our daily lives, and continues to bring her wisdom, judgment, enthusiasm, and commitment to serve the people of Union County.