Youth Services Commission


Barbara Ziobro, Youth Services Commission Administrator
Phone: 908-558-2381
Fax: 908-527-4212
Address: 10 Elizabethtown Plaza, 4th Floor Elizabeth, NJ 07207

2022 General Meeting Calendar

Union County Youth Services Commission will schedule seven general meetings for the calendar year 2022. Meetings will be held virtually via GO TO MEETING app, meetings will take place on the first Tuesday of each month at 3:30 PM, unless otherwise noted. Meetings will take place in the UC Administration Building, 6th Floor County Commissioner’s Conference Room, unless otherwise noted.

We look forward to your participation in making this a productive year. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

YSC Meeting GotoMeeting Information for Tue, Sep 13, 2022 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

  • January 2022 No Meeting Happy New Year!
  • February 01, 2022 Virtual Via Go To Meeting
  • March 01, 2022 Virtual Via Go To Meeting.
  • April 2022 No Meeting
  • May 03, 2022 IN PERSON
  • June 2022 No Meeting Enjoy your summer!
  • July 12, 2022 IN PERSON
  • August 2022 No Meeting
  • September 13, 2022 Virtual Via Go To Meeting. See information above
  • October 04, 2022 Virtual Via Go To Meeting.
  • November 2022 No Meeting
  • December 06, 2022 Virtual Via Go To Meeting. Happy Holidays!

The Union County Youth Services Commission (YSC) is a state-mandated committee represented by state and local juvenile justice stakeholders that plan, monitor and implement programs and services to at-risk youth and those youth involved in the juvenile justice system. YSC meets monthly to review local service provider outcomes, distribute information on upcoming events and plan initiatives in response to identified gaps in meeting Union County’s Continuum of Care objectives.

Fearless Girls Empowerment Conference
Fearless Girls Empowerment Group

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  • Better outcomes for clients and communities through collaboration, integration and shared responsibility.
  • Reduce delinquency and antisocial behaviors resulting in youth incarceration and recidivism.
Juvenile Justice Commission Points Of Intervention Definitions

Each of the programs in the Union County Youth Services Commission Continuum of Care has a specific goal.

To prevent youth from engaging in anti-social and delinquent behavior and from taking part in other problem behaviors that are pathways to delinquency.

To provide services and/or informal sanctions to youth who have begun to engage in anti-social and low level delinquent behavior in an effort to prevent youth from continuing on a delinquent pathway.

Detention/Detention Alternative
To ensure youth’s presence at court hearings and to provide short term (45-60 days) supervision sufficient to safely maintain appropriate youth in the community while awaiting the final disposition of their case.

To provide the court with a range of options that match the supervision and service needs of youth in their communities to reduce recidivism.

To provide youth transitioning from JJC residential programs and youth returning from secure facilities with additional support for successful reintegration into their communities to reduce recidivism.


Performing Arts Program
Mentoring & Youth Development Program

Family Crisis Mediation And Program Services Linkage
Life Skills Coaching & Mentoring

Detention/Detention Alternative
Electronic Monitoring (Em) Program
Electronic Monitoring Case Management Program

Substance Abuse Treatment
Early Intervention & Sexual Offender Treatment
Individual & Family Counseling

Disposition & Reentry
High School Equivalency Preparation & Tutoring

Reentry Mentoring

Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative
Family Engagement Program
Speaker Series for Probationers


Youth and Family Resource Directory

Substance Abuse Resources for Adolescents Guide

Station House Adjustment Options for At-Risk Youth

LGBTQ Resources

FCIU Pocket Guide for Law Enforcement