Art Outside The Box

Thirteen traffic control boxes throughout Union County were selected for the Art Outside the Box project. Located on major intersections, the traffic control boxes provide an all-inclusive public exhibition opportunity for both the artists and the community, increasing access and visibility for the arts in Union County.

To help find the locations, please use our interactive map. Please remember to enjoy the artwork from a safe location. Click each photo below to enlarge it.

Diverse Harmony
Jennifer Boyar

Broad and Caldwell

Broad Street
Caldwell Avenue
Control Box
Dario Scholis


Rahway/Elizabeth Avenue
Broad Street
Dario Scholis
 S. Broad and South Street 1
South Broad Street
South Street
Poppi Perylen
Rosalia Tignini Verdun

Hamilton and Irving

Hamilton Street
Irving Avenue
Kite Flying
Natalie Marino 

Madison avenue park

Within Park
Madison Avenue Park
Corner of Mapes & Bergen
Linda Rosen

Milton and Lawrence

Milton Avenue
Lawrence Avenue
New Jersey Butterfly
Mariya Kovalyov

N Stiles and Valley

North Stiles Street
Valley Road
Herrat Sommerhoff

North Wood and Knopf

North Wood Avenue
Knopf Street
Hug a Tree
Danielle Getting

Park and Elizabeth

Park Avenue
Elizabeth Avenue
Shakespeare Garden
Samantha Perez
Park and 7th
Park Avenue
Seventh Street
Picnic in the Park
Angel Branch
Randolph and Park
Randolph Road
Park Avenue
Be free.
Trent Joaquin
South Ave and Leland
South Avenue
Leland Avenue
Park Scene
Lydia Watson
South Ave and Terrill
South Avenue
Terrill Road