Department of Finance

Office of the Director

Bibi Taylor, Director
Phone: 908-527-4055 | Fax: 908-558-3486
Address: 10 Elizabethtown Plaza Elizabeth, NJ 07207

Jane Samsel, Pensions
Phone: 908-527-4058

Controls Union County’s budget and finances and provides financial services to County government

Resources and Documents

Division of the Comptroller

Erick Mesias, Comptroller
Phone: 908-527-4754
Melinda Zito, Deputy Comptroller
Phone: 908-527-4081

Records and reports on receipts and disbursements, maintains general accounting records and central payroll, and performs budget management functions, such as compiling departmental estimates. Helps prepare, monitor and review departmental budgets.

Accounts Payable
Phone: 908-527-4816
Lillian Duran, Payroll Supervisor
Phone: 908-527-4088 | Fax: 908-527-4158

Division of Grants Management

Catherine Campanella, Division Director
Phone: 908-527-4829

Bureau of Internal Monitoring
Phone: 908-527-4898

Establishes the financial and administrative controls for funding sources other than direct taxation, including federal and state grants and funds received by the County of Union by way of reimbursement.

Division of the Treasurer

Julie Origliato, Division Director
Phone: 908-527-4099

Holds and disburses County funds on order of the County Manager; collects and receives monies due the County; invests the County’s excess funds and reports annually on income.