Department of Parks and Recreation

UPDATE/ALERT: Never use glue traps on spotted lanternflies. Glue traps are catching and killing birds. Remove any glue traps on your property immediately. Follow the guidance for killing spotted lanternflies at

Union County’s 36 park encompass more than 6,200 acres with many opportunities for passive and active recreation including the Trailside Nature & Science Center, Watchung Stable and The Deserted Village of Feltville. For parks information, call 908-527-4900, or email

Union County parks feature accessible playgrounds and other inclusive elements

For additional information about inclusive activities and resources offered by Union County, visit the Office for Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs in the Department of Human Services, call the Office at 908-527-4807.

Ronald Zuber, Director, Union County Department of Parks and Recreation

Phone: 908-527-4900 | Fax: 908-527-4901 | E-mail:
Recreation Announcements (Recording): 908- 558-4079

Special Needs Night at Wheeler Spray Park — Every Wednesday evening in July and August.