Briant Pond HydroRaking Project

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Hydro Raking Removal Progress

Detention Basin Material Dewater

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Vegetative material removal

Contractor has started to stage around the pond to begin the hydro-raking project. We expect another update in 4 weeks.

Press Release

“We share the concerns of Briant Park users, which is why the County of Union has been collaborating with the NJDEP to secure necessary permits. This investment in restoration emphasizes our commitment to attentively addressing issues and enacting meaningful change,” said Commissioner Chairwoman Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded. “By undertaking this project, we are not only preserving natural habitats but also enriching recreational opportunities for our community. This endeavor highlights our commitment to environmental stewardship and genuine community engagement.”

In a competitive bidding process, T. R. Weniger, a contractor with experience in similar endeavors, was selected to lead the hydro-raking project. Providing oversight and management of the operation is Colliers Engineering, a firm known for its expertise in Engineering & Project Management.

The hydro-raking process represents a critical step towards revitalizing Briant Pond, aimed at improving its ecological health and recreational value. Summit residents can look forward to positive transformations resulting from this comprehensive restoration effort.

Central to the project is the utilization of specialized equipment, including an eight-ton excavator mounted on pontoons, equipped with a front rake. Operations are scheduled on weekdays, Monday through Friday, ensuring minimal disruption to park users while maximizing efficiency. The proven track record of T. R. Weniger in executing similar projects across New Jersey instills confidence that Summit residents will witness tangible improvements.