Picnic Areas

Important Information Regarding Union County Parks


  • The COVID-19 virus is still circulating and it can still cause serious illness or death among unvaccinated people.Protect yourself and those around you by getting vaccinated as soon as possible. To make an appointment visit ucnj.org/vax.
  • Please note: Trail biking is prohibited in all Union County parks. Trail biking was prohibited before the COVID-19 outbreak, and the prohibitions continue. Bicycles are permitted on paved paths and roadways only.
  • Hikers and dog walkers: Stay on marked trails to preserve fragile native habitat. The taking of plants and other wildlife is prohibited. Share paved paths by keeping to the right unless passing. Dogs must be kept on leash unless in dog parks. All trash must be carried out when receptacles are full or unavailable. 

For more information and updates on Union County services during the COVID-19 outbreak visit ucnj.org/covid19.

To reserve a picnic area, please click the link below.

ParkPicnic AreaTablesGrillsCapacity
Cedar BrookParkside108199
Cedar BrookMathewson108199
Conant StreetConant Street5299
Echo LakeBrookside7399
Echo LakeRolling Meadow65125
Echo LakeLocust Grove114199
NomaheganPin Oaks64199
NomaheganSweet Gum65125
PonderosaPonderosa #15150
PonderosaPonderosa #25150
Rahway RiverHickory5375
Rahway RiverMaples #1115150
Rahway RiverMaples #2125250
Rahway RiverQuadrangle43150
Rahway RiverSamuel's Grove83199
WarinancoSpinning Woods #163150
WarinancoSpinning Woods #253199
WarinancoDippe's Woods53199
WarinancoDurant's Woods95199
WarinancoGregory's Woods54150
WarinancoBoat House #143100+
WarinancoBoat House #23250
Watchung ReservationSkytop83125
Watchung ReservationSeely's Pond #141125
Watchung ReservationSeely's Pond #263150
Watchung ReservationEvergreen (Left Loop)42250
Watchung ReservationOak Grove (Tracy Dr)73250

Briant and Green Brook parks have non-reservable, first come-first serve picnic sites.