Juvenile Detention Center

[ezcol_3fifth]The Union County Juvenile Detention Center is a secure holding facility designed to temporarily house youthful offenders accused of delinquent acts, while they await court disposition and those committed to the approved short term Commitment Program.

The Juvenile Detention Center population is comprised of a very eclectic mixture of culturally diversified residents.  Due to the institutional nature of the facility, detention places internal, as well as external, stressors on its resident population.  Juveniles enter the detention facility with his or her own complex needs and issues, requiring a wide range of comprehensive services.  The Juvenile Detention Center must provide a diversified social service package tailored to the health, safety, educational and social psychological needs of the individual.

The Juvenile Detention Center’s primary function is to provide each resident with a program of structured supervision in a nurturing and caring environment.  In keeping with this philosophy, the Union County Juvenile Detention Center serves the detention facility population through education, social services, in-house service programming and direct involvement of the outside community, its agencies and programs.

The facility’s primary objective is to encourage residents to utilize the aforementioned programs and services in an attempt to establish a successful reentry into the community with a more positive transition into adulthood.

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1075 Edward Street
Linden, NJ 07036
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Assistant Superintendent
Michelle Perez


Prison Rape Elimination Act Compliance Statement

The Union County Juvenile Detention Center is in full compliance with the requirements, guidelines, and philosophy of the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Our facility strictly enforces a “zero-tolerance policy” toward sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and/or sexual intimation of any kind, whether it is verbal or physical.

For further information, please contact the Union County Juvenile Detention Center PREA Coordinator, Patricia Goforth by phone at 908 523-1594 or by e-mail at pgoforth@ucnj.org.

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Annual Data Report and Review – 2017


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