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Your first call should be to the Home Ownership Preservation Foundation. This experienced non-profit organization offers free, dependable guidance for homeowners and tenants. Call toll free at 1-888-995-HOPE (4673) Monday – Thursday from 8am to 10pm, Friday from 8am to 8pm. Trained counselors at the Homeownership Preservation Foundation will help you assess your situation over the phone. If needed, they will refer you to reliable community organizations for further assistance, including in-person counseling.

New Jersey Courts, Office of Foreclosure The foreclosure process in New Jersey is a two-tiered system involving both Superior Court General Equity judges and the staff of the Office of Foreclosure. The Office of Foreclosure is a unit in the Superior Court Clerk’s Office. The Office of Foreclosure handles seven types of foreclosure actions: (1) residential mortgage foreclosure; (2) multi-family/ commercial mortgage foreclosure; (3) in personam tax certificate foreclosure; (4) municipal in rem tax certificate foreclosure; (5) condominium lien foreclosure; (6) strict foreclosure (to remedy foreclosure action errors) and (7) Fair Foreclosure Act optional foreclosure procedures.

Foreclosure actions are filed in the Superior Court, Chancery Division, General Equity Part. All Foreclosure pleadings are filed with the Office of the Superior Court Clerk, Foreclosure Processing Services in Trenton. The types of liens that can be foreclosed are mortgages, municipal tax liens and condominium or homeowner association liens for unpaid assessments.

For General Questions and Status Requests, call 609-421-6100, E-mail:, or visit their website

You can also contact one of the free, HUD-certified Foreclosure Counseling Agencies (below) for assistance in preventing foreclosure. You do not need to pay for foreclosure assistance

Urban League of Union County
1139 E. Jersey St, Suite 515
Elizabeth, NJ  07201-2444
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Faith, Bricks & Mortar
164 East Front St. (Rear)
Plainfield, NJ 07060
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm

1132 Park Ave.
Plainfield, NJ  07060-3011

Are you thinking of paying for professional services to help you deal with foreclosure? Stop! Do not respond to any flyer, advertisement, or phone call offering “loss mitigation consulting,” “foreclosure prevention,” or “mortgage loan modification.” These are often scams by unlicensed counselors who charge steep fees, or attempts by outright con artists to take your home.

Anti-Predatory Lending If you feel you have been taken advantage of by a lender, call Legal Services of New Jersey at 1-888-576-5529. Legal Services of NJ provides legal representation to low income New Jersey homeowners. Homeowners, regardless of income level, may file a complaint with the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance by calling 1-800-446-7467.


You cannot be evicted without notice and without good cause. This is true even when a bank or mortgage lender files an action to foreclose on your rented property because your landlord has not paid the mortgage. If you find yourself facing eviction, call a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may be eligible for Legal Services. Find out by calling 888.576.5529 or Central Jersey Legal services (see below).

Eastern Union County
Central Jersey Legal Services
60 Prince Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07207

Western Union County
Central Jersey Legal Services

In New Jersey, you may only be evicted by written order from a Superior Court judge. You DO NOT have to move out simply because the landlord or a realtor tells you to or threatens to evict you. If your landlord fails to pay the water bill, you have the right to secure water and sewer services by making rental payments to your local water department.

Keep all receipts for these payments. Tenants have the right to deduct from rental payments any money paid to maintain essential services. Keep your rental payment in the bank if you are not sure who owns the property. Keep your receipts for the rental payments you have made. If you have been locked out of your home, call your local police. For Landlord-Tenant information, please call 908-412-3700, ext 200 (New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Housing Assistance Program).

Homelessness Prevention

The NJ Homelessness Prevention Program provides limited financial assistance to low and moderate income tenants and homeowners in imminent danger of eviction or foreclosure due to temporary financial problems beyond their control. Funds are used to disburse payments in the form of loans and grants to landlords and mortgage companies. Please call toll-free 1-866-889-6270 or 908-351-7727.

Consumer Affairs

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs helpful information on how to avoid foreclosure scams. If you think you have been the victim of a scam, contact Consumer Affairs toll free at 1-800-242-5846 for help, or by e-mail at

Legal Services

Free legal services are available to income-eligible residents through Legal Services of New Jersey, toll free at 1-888-576-5529. You can also contact Legal Services of Union County at 908-354-4340 or 908-755-6663.

To hire professional legal services, contact the Union County Lawyer Referral Service of the Union County Bar Association, 908-353-4715.

General Assistance

Call 2-1-1.

Call Specialists will provide information and referral services including Basic Human Needs Resources: food banks, rent assistance, utility assistance; Seniors and Persons with Disabilities: congregate meals, Meals on Wheels, adult day care and transportation; Children, Youth and Families: childcare, after school programs, mentoring, protective services, tutoring; Employment Supports: financial assistance and job training.