Watershed Programs

Jennifer Helminski
NJDEP AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador
Watershed Management Area 7, Year 2018 – 2019

Union County Department of Parks & Recreation
2325 South Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
Phone 908-789-3209
Fax 908-789-3674

Online registration form coming soon. Please use the PDF as we create the form.

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Class Information


Class Size

We recommend a group size of no more than 25/presentation


Relevant topic(s) students are familiar with (e.g. water cycle, etc.)

Special Needs

How does this program fit into your curriculum? (beginning, middle, end)

What will the students know about this topic before I arrive?

Is there any of these water source(s) near by?

Do you have any of these technology resources?

Where can this take place?

Notes on Activities

Preferred Dates

Please submit three available dates

Date One

Date Two

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Please Note

Teacher must remain with the class during presentation.

You may need the following: (Watershed Ambassador will follow up)
o Place to hang posters
o Crayons
o Chart Stand
o Kids divided into groups / pairs
o One location to include sink if possible, where all classes will be held.