The Union County Board of County Commissioners Presents

The UC LOVES SMALL BIZ is a campaign by the Union County Board of County Commissioners aimed at celebrating and encouraging residents and visitors to patronize Union County businesses, to shop and dine local

The County of Union recognizes the vital role that small businesses play in our community. This campaign is designed to drive traffic to our collective downtowns and encourage local shopping

Union County is home to over 550,000 residents and 14,000 businesses

The Union County Board of County Commissioners are proud to announce for the first time ever, the “UC Loves Small Biz” campaign, as part of a newly created Union County Small Business Month initiative, under Union County Chairman Sergio Granados’ “Building a Stronger Union County” Chairman’s theme for 2023.

In an effort to boost our small businesses and community spirit, join in on supporting and exploring the diverse range of businesses in Union County – whether a resident or visitor. From November 24th through December 24th, Union County will be encouraging residents to “shop, dine and support local,” emphasizing the significant role small businesses play in our local communities.

“This campaign is more than just a call to action. It’s a celebration of what makes Union County unique,” said Commissioner Chairman Sergio Granados, who is also liaison to the Workforce Development Board. “Union County has over half a million residents and a network of 14,000 businesses. Supporting our local businesses this holiday season, during Union County Small Business Month, goes beyond boosting the local economy. It offers an opportunity to experience the unique character and diversity of our community, fostering a connection that can inspire year-round support for these businesses. We encourage you to join us in embracing UC Loves Small Biz and making a positive impact on the growth and prosperity of Union County.”

The UC Loves Small Biz website will connect people to local businesses by providing links to downtown districts and chambers of commerce, as well as local websites with the ability to search and browse for a business by category.

These functions will offer a streamlined and efficient way to discover the unique products and services that Union County businesses have to offer. A dedicated section of the site will showcase local events and promotions, serving as a digital bulletin board where businesses can share exciting activities, discounts, and happenings.

From Friday, November 24th through Sunday, December 24th, the Union County social media platforms will be highlighting local businesses, sharing pictures, posting videos, and advertising special events and promotions. Residents, visitors and businesses are invited to post their photos with the hashtag #UCLOVESSMALLBIZ to share their experiences with others. By supporting small businesses, individuals ensure that these enterprises flourish, making the community even more vibrant for Union County residents.


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