Union County Board of Elections Office Closed Due to COVID-19 Outbreak – Remote help will continue to be available
Starting Monday, March 23 at 11:00 a.m., the Union County Board of Elections will be available for remote assistance only. Voters and other Union County residents can reach the Board of Elections by email at or by leaving a phone message at 908-527-4121. All email and phone messages will be returned.

The Union County Board of Elections will persevere to insure that all elections conducted in Union County are within strict compliance with New Jersey Statutes Annotated, Title 19: Election Laws of The State of New Jersey.

This Board will continue to guarantee the right of suffrage to all eligible voters in Union County. The right to vote is fundamental. It is the duty of this Board as well as all Federal, State and local governments to promote the exercise of that right.

This Board will continue to adhere to all mandates set forth in the National Voter Registration Act, which was signed into law by President Clinton and enacted on January 1, 1995. The purpose of the National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter Act) was to establish procedures that would increase the number of eligible citizens who would register to vote and to protect the integrity of the electoral process ensuring that accurate voter registration rolls are maintained.

This Board will continue to guarantee this right.

The Union County Board of Elections

John DeSimone, Chairman
Clara T. Harelik, Esq., Secretary/Commissioner of Registration
Mary Ellen Harris, Commissioner
Marie Oakie, Commissioner

Nicole L .DiRado, CMC, MPA, Administrator
Linda Wise, Deputy Administrator

271 North Broad Street
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208