Where do I vote?

If you are a registered voter in Union County and plan to vote at the polls, you must vote at your assigned polling location on Election Day. The location of your polling place is listed on the sample ballot you received in the mail. If you are unable to verify your polling location, you should contact the Union County Board of Elections at 908-527-4123. This page is updated on a monthly basis and it is suggested to check this page before going out to vote to ensure you view the most up-to-date data.

Polls are open from 6am – 8pm. 

ADA compliant voting machines will be available for voters with disabilities which prevent them from voting on a paper ballot only.

All other voters will be provided a paper, provisional ballot.

Voters may also bring their vote by mail ballot to their designated polling location.  Voters will be required to sign a log book before the poll worker deposits their ballot in a secure transfer case.

Step 1 – Find your Ward/District

Please contact the Union County Election Board: 908-527-4123 / ucboe@ucnj.org

Once this information is available through the State Voter Registration System, it will be posted.

Step 2 Find the address of your polling place

Polling locations are open for Provisional Ballot Voting only, with the exception of an ADA accessible voting machine for use by disabled voters who cannot vote on a paper ballot. All Union County polling sites are ADA Compliant. As of 10-05-2020.

Municipality Location Address Room Districts
Berkeley Heights Recreation Center 29 Park Ave. Main Meeting Area 1-4,10 
Berkeley Heights Firehouse    411 Hamilton Ave. Rear Meeting Room 5,6
Berkeley Heights Governor Livingston HS 175 Watchung Blvd Cafeteria 7-9, 11
Clark Frank K Henley School 590 Raritan Rd Gym Ward 1 D1-4
Clark Municipal Center 430 Westfield Ave. Cafeteria Ward 2 D1-4
Clark Valley Road School 150 Valley Rd Gym Ward 3 D1-4
Clark Carl H Kumpf School 59 Mildred Terrace Cafeteria Ward 4 D1-4
Cranford Community Center 220 Walnut Ave. Gym 1,15,21
Cranford Livingston Ave. School 75 Livingston Ave. Gym 2,4,6,14
Cranford Bloomingdale Ave. Sch 200 Bloomingdale Ave. Gym 3,8,12,26
Cranford Walnut Ave. School 370 Walnut Ave. Gym 5,25,29
Cranford Orange Ave. School 901 Orange Ave. Gym 9,18,30
Cranford Hillside Ave. School 125 Hillside Ave. Gym 10,11,13,27
Cranford Brookside Place School 700 Brookside Place Gym 17,19,22,24 
Cranford High School 201 West End Place Gym 7,16,20,23,28
Elizabeth Public School #1 250 Broadway Gym, Entrance in Rear Ward 1
Elizabeth Battin Public School #4 300 S Broad St Gym Ward 2 D1,9
Elizabeth School #50 1000 South Elmora Avenue,  Multipurpose Room Ward 2 D 2,3,5,8,11
Elizabeth Bollwage Academy of Finance 600-648 Pulaski St Multipurpose Room Ward 2 D 4,6,7,10
Elizabeth Elmora Racquet Club 23 Fernwood Terr Rear Studio Ward 3 D1,2,8
Elizabeth Public School #12 638 Magie Ave. Classroom 1 Ward 3 D3,4,5,6,11 
Elizabeth Public School #14 50 Grove St Gym Ward 3 D7,9,10,12,13
Elizabeth Public School #18 860 Cross Avenue Gym Ward 4 D1,3,5,6 
Elizabeth Kennedy Arms 76 Westfield Ave. Recreation Room Ward 4 D2,4,8
Elizabeth O’Donnell-Dempsey Ctr 632 Salem Ave. Meeting Room Ward 4 D7,9,10
Elizabeth Public School #30 – Chessie Dentley Roberts Academy 730 Pennsylvania Ave. Gym Ward 5 D1,8,9
Elizabeth Sampson Center 800 Anna St Meeting Area Ward 5 D2,3,4
Elizabeth Public School #6 1072 Julia St Gym Ward 5 D6,10
Elizabeth Public School #2 125 Madison Avenue Rear Entrance #6, Classroom 21 Ward 5 D7
Elizabeth Firehouse 472 Catherine Street Big Bay Ward 5 D5, 11
Elizabeth Farley Towers 33 Cherry St Community Room Ward 6 D1,5
Elizabeth Elizabeth High School 600 Pearl St Dunn Sports Center Ward 6 D2,4
Elizabeth School #3 700 Second Ave. Gym Ward 6 D3, 6, 8
Elizabeth Ford Leonard Towers 69 Division St Community Room Ward 6 D7
Fanwood Municipal Building 75 N Martine Ave. Rear Entrance D1,2,6,7
Fanwood LaGrande Park Building 3rd St Entrance Main Space D3-5
Garwood Lincoln School 400 Second Ave. Cafeteria D1-4
Hillside Ola Edwards Community School 1530 Leslie St Gym, Entrance in rear Ward 1 D1-3
Hillside Hurden Looker School 1261 Liberty Ave. Gym, Gurd St Entrance Ward 2 D1-3 
Hillside William Buie Comm Ctr 274 Hillside Ave. Meeting Room Ward 3 D1-3
Hillside Senior Citizen Center 265 Hollywood Ave. Meeting Room Ward 4 D1-4
Kenilworth David Brearley HS 401 Monroe Ave. Back Gym D1-6
Linden School #1 728 N Wood Ave. Gym, E Curtis St Entrance Ward 1 D1-3
Linden John T Gregorio Ctr 330 Helen St Main Meeting Area Ward 2 D1-3 
Linden Linden Pal Youth Ctr 400 Maple Ave. Gym Ward 3 D1-3
Linden School #5 1014 Bower St Gym, Middlesex St Entrance Ward 4 D1-4
Linden School #4 1602 Dill Ave. Gym Ward 5 D1-4
Linden School #6 19 E Morris Ave Gym, entrance on Linden Ave Ward 6 D1-3
Linden School #2 1700 S Wood Ave. Cafeteria Ward 7 D1-3
Linden 8th Ward Rec Ctr 2100 Beldle Pl Main Meeting Area Ward 8 D1-2
Linden Firehouse #3 1205 E Elizabeth Ave. Rear Meeting Room Ward 8 D3,4
Linden McManus Middle Sch 300 Edgewood Rd Gym Entrance off Dewitt Ward 9 D1-5
Linden School #10 2801 Highland Ave. Gym Ward 10 D1-4
Mountainside Deerfield School 302 central Ave. Multipurpose Room D1,2,7-9
Mountainside Beechwood School 1497 Woodacres Dr Gym D3-6
New Providence Municipal Center Elkwood Ave. & Academy St Gym D1-6
New Providence Allen W Roberts School 80 Jones Dr Gym D7-11
Plainfield Emerson School 305 Emerson Ave. Gym Ward 1 D1,6-8
Plainfield Barlow School 2 Farragut Rd Gym Ward 1 D2-5
Plainfield Evergreen School 1033 evergreen Ave. Gym, Sumner Ave. Entrance Ward 2 D1,2,4-6
Plainfield Maxson School 920 E seventh St Gym, Woodland Ave. Entrance Ward 2 D3,7-11
Plainfield Plainfield High School 950 Park Ave. Cafeteria, Kenyon Ave. Entrance Ward 3 D1-5
Plainfield Cedarbrook School 1049 Central Ave. Gym Ward 3 D6-10
Plainfield Clinton School 1302 W Fourth Ave. Gym, Clinton Ave. Entrance Ward 4 D1-5
Rahway Grover Cleveland School 486 E Milton Ave. Gym, Montgomery St Entrance Ward 1 D1-4
Rahway Franklin School 1809 St Georges Ave. Gym Ward 2 D1-4
Rahway Roosevelt School 811 St Georges Ave. Gym Ward 3 D1-5
Rahway Rahway Recreation Ctr 275 E Milton Ave. Gym Ward 4 D1-3
Rahway Senior Citizen Center 1306 Esterbrook Ave. Meeting Room Ward 5 D1-4
Rahway Madison school 944 Madison Ave. Gym Ward 6 D1-4
Roselle Warinanco Ice Skating Center 1 Park Dr Common Area Ward 1 D1-4
Roselle Harrison Ave. School 310 Harrison Ave. Gym, Mercer St Entrance Ward 2 D1-4
Roselle Abraham Clark High School 122 E Sixth Ave. Gym Ward 3 D1-4
Roselle Washington School 501 Washington Ave. Gym Ward 4 D1-3
Roselle Leonard Moore School 720 Locust Ave. Gym Ward 5 D1-4
Roselle Park Borough Hall 110 E Westfield Ave. Court Room Ward 1 D1,2
Roselle Park Roselle Park Middle School 59 W. Grant Avenue Cafeteria Ward 2 D1,2
Roselle Park Roselle Park High School 185 W Webster Ave. Gym, Entrance in Rear Ward 3 D1,2
Roselle Park Aldene School 339 W Webster Ave. Gym, Myrtle Ave Entrance Ward 4 D1,2
Roselle Park Faitoute Firehouse 601 Laurel Ave. Meeting Room Ward 5 D1,2
Scotch Plains Park Middle School 580 Park Ave. Back Gym D1-5
Scotch Plains Green Forest Clubhouse 554 Westfield Rd Meeting Room D8
Scotch Plains Evergreen School 2280 Evergreen Ave. Gym, Cedar St Entrance D6,7,9-11
Scotch Plains William McGinn School 1100 Roosevelt Ave. Gym D12-16
Scotch Plains Terrill Middle School 1301 Terrill Rd Lobby D17,18
Scotch Plains Coles School 16 Kevin Rd Gym D19-21,23
Scotch Plains Southwyck Village 1 Carriage Drive Clubhouse D22
Springfield Community Pool 44 Morrison Rd Meeting Room D1,4,5,6
Springfield Florence Gaudineer School 75 S Springfield Ave. Gym D2,3,7,8,10
Springfield Edward V Walton School 601 Mountian Ave. Gym D9,11-14
Summit Lincoln Hubbard School 52 Woodland Ave Gym Ward 1 D1,3-5 
Summit Summit High School 125 Kent Place Blvd Gym Ward 1 D2,6,7,12
Summit Washington School 507 Morris Ave. Gym Ward 1 D8-11
Summit Community Center 100 Morris Ave. Guida Gym Ward 2 D1-4,6
Summit Summit Middle School 272 Morris Ave Front Gym Ward 2 D7-10
Summit Franklin School 136 Blackburn Rd Gym, Warwick Rd Entrance Ward 2 D5,11-13
Union Livingston School 960 Midland Blvd Gym D1,2,16,21,26,46
Union Kawameeh Junior High School 490 David Terrace Lobby D3,13,32
Union Senior Citizen Center 968 Bonnel Ct Main Meeting Area D4,25,35,36,47
Union Central Five-Jefferson School 155 Hilton Ave. Cafeteria D5-8
Union Central Five-Jefferson School 155 Hilton Ave. Gym D38,39,41,49
Union Union High School 2350 N Third St Front Lobby D9,20,29,43,44
Union Burnet Middle School 1000 Caldwell Ave. Room 124 D10,11,23,37
Union Franklin School 1500 Lindy Terrace Gym D12,18,27,40,42
Union Hannah Caldwell School 1120 Commerce Ave. Auditorium D14,15,22,28,50
Union Washington School 301 Washington Ave. Gym, Enter on Whitewood D17,31,33,34
Union Battle Hill School 2600 Killian Pl & Remos Ave. Gym D19,24,30,45
Union The Pointe, Galloping Hill  Rt 22 E Recreation Room D48
Westfield Roosevelt School 301 Clark St Gym, Enter Rear Parking Lot Ward 1 D1-5
Westfield Westfield Library 550 E Broad St Meeting Room Ward 1 D6,7
Westfield Washington School 900 St Marks Ave. Gym Ward 2 D1,2,6
Westfield Wilson School 301 Linden Ave. Gym Ward 2 D3-5
Westfield Westfield High School 550 Dorian Rd Gym Ward 3 D1-4
Westfield Jefferson School 1200 Boulevard Gym Ward 3 D5-7
Westfield Edison School 800 Rahway Ave. Gym Ward 4 D1-5
Winfield Community Center Roosevelt Dr Gym D1,2