Now that Union County has migrated to vote tabulation system which generates a voter verified paper audit trail, the Union County Board of Elections must conduct a Post-Election Audit on any ballots cast using the electronic tabulating equipment.  Below, you will find more information relative to the process and the County’s Post-Election Audit Reports.

For your information, please be guided to view NJSA 19:61-9 – State Statute Relative to Audits of Elections                                                                          


New Jersey Election Audit Procedure – 2022 General Election

2022 General Election Updated Guidelines Regarding Contests to be Audited

2022 Post General Election Audit Report



2020 Post-Election Audit Guidelines as issued by the NJ Secretary of State’s Office

2020 Union County Board of Elections Post-Election Audit Report


NJSA 19:61-9 – State Statute Relative to Audits of Elections

New Jersey Division of Elections: Election Audit Procedure

Union County Board of Elections: Audit Report of the 2019 General Election