What is a challenger?

A challenger is a person who is appointed by a candidate, political party or proponent or opponent of a public question who observes the voting process and can challenge a voter’s right to vote.

Challengers Do’s and Dont’s

  • Challengers are seated near the check-in table. Not behind. Close enough so they can hear the voter, but not so close they interfere.
  • Challengers may NOT touch election materials or the machines.
  • Challengers are entitled to hear the voter’s name and address.
  • Challengers may only speak to the poll workers – not the voters.
  • Challengers may question a voter’s legal authority to vote
    • Not 18
    • Does not live in the district the are voting in
    • Not a US citizen
    • Not a registered voter
  • If a challenger wants to “challenge” someone’s right to vote, the process is outlined on the envelope with the challenger forms.


Challenger Request Form