2022 “Greening Union County” Grant Application

A Service of the Union County Board of County Commissioners

  • Rebecca Williams, Chair
  • Christopher Hudak, Vice Chair
  • James E. Baker Jr.
  • Dr. Angela R. Garretson
  • Sergio Granados
  • Bette Jane Kowalski
  • Lourdes M. Leon
  • Alexander Mirabella
  • Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded

2022 Commissioners’ Standing Committee

  • Alexander Mirabella, Chair
  • Dr. Angela R. Garretson
  • Sergio Granados
  • Christopher Hudak

Public Advisory Committee Members

  • Richard Capac
  • Maria Carvalho
  • Michael DelSordi
  • Charles Eke
  • Arthur Kobitz
  • Jim McManus
  • Edward O’Malley
  • Lisa Palin
  • Janice Siegel
  • Alexander Mirabella, Commissioner Standing Committee
  • Edward T. Oatman, County Manager
  • Ronald Zuber, Director, Parks and Recreation
  • Joseph A. Graziano Sr., Director, Public Works and Facilities Management


  • Edward T. Oatman, County Manager
  • Amy C. Wagner, Deputy County Manager
  • Victoria Durbin Drake, Trust Fund Administrator
  • Danni Newbury, Administrative Assistant
  • Angelica Cedeno, Coordinator
  • Bruce H. Bergen, Esq., County Counsel
  • Kevin Campbell, Esq., Trust Fund Counsel

Program Objective

Through the Greening Union County grant initiative, every tree purchased by your community will be matched by Union County, tree for tree, complete with installation by forestry professionals with a one-year maintenance guarantee.

Our countywide tree-planting program, available to each of the 21 municipalities, will be administered through the Union County Open Space, Recreation & Historic Preservation Trust Fund.

This Greening Union County grant will help improve the environment of this county through lowering air pollution, improving the air that we breathe and improving the overall quality of life.

Program Guidelines

The application period will limited to sixty (60) calendar days, commencing on June 16, 2022 and concluding on August 15, 2022.

Each municipality will be responsible for payment to the vendor for their municipality’s tree planting program in full.

Each municipality may use their own vendor as long as specifications, installation and one-year maintenance criteria are met.

The municipality is subject to a site visit by the Trust Fund office personnel.

Copies of signed vouchers and verification of payment must be mailed to the Office of the Trust Fund for reimbursements. 

Please remember that this is a matching grant and you will be reimbursed for half of the amount of the bills based on your award that you submit. 

Program Requirements

  • Completed application (online)
  • Certification of Matching Funds with original signatures (return by postal mail)
  • Copy of Resolution with an affixed seal authorizing the municipality to participate in the County of Union’s “Greening Union County” tree planting program (return by postal mail)
  • Municipal map depicting the location of installation of requested trees. Narrative description of locations may be accepted with prior approval. (online)
  • Trees must be planted during the 2023 spring planting cycle, or the 2023 fall planting cycle.
  • The application period will limited to sixty (60) calendar days, commencing on June 16, 2022 and concluding on August 15, 2022.

Please note that although the Office of the Trust Fund realizes that it does take time to obtain vouchers from certain vendors, we ask that you submit your bills for your tree planting reimbursement before December 31, 2023.