Union County Teen Arts Festival
Union County College
1033 Springfield Avenue, Cranford
High School – Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Middle School – Thursday, March 24, 2016
8:30 am – 2:30 pm

Your cooperation is required. All performing/exhibiting students must be 13 to 19 years old.  No student may enter in more than two disciplines.  Performance time limits, as set on the application, and as indicated by you, will be strictly enforced.  Time will be called even if a performance or a critique is not complete.  Leniency in this regard has caused schedule problems in the past and can no longer be allowed. Please note one chaperone is required per 15 students.  We hope to accommodate your needs; however, performances will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.   Applications must be submitted by January 22, 2016.  Literary Arts submissions are also due on January 22, 2016. 

Vocal Music
  • Soloists – 4 minutes – Students must provide own accompanist.
  • Small Ensembles (2 – 9 singers) – 4 minutes – Students wishing to be critiqued in musical    theater should enter that category.
  • Large Choral Groups (10-50 singers) – 10 minutes – Choral risers and weighted keyboard (electrical piano) provided.
Instrumental Music
  • Soloists – 4 minutes – Music stands provided.  Bring own amplification.
  • Small Groups (2 – 9 musicians) – 4 minutes
  • Large Groups (10-55 musicians) – 10 minutes – Large groups are allowed up to 10 minutes combined set-up/strike periods.
  • Soloists – 4 Minutes – Bring original music sheet for the critiquer. Try to have piece memorized. Acoustic piano provided.
  • Soloists & Groups – 4 minutes – No hard soled shoes allowed on gym floor. Be sure to label your CD with song and school name.  Cheerleading, lip-syncing, baton twirling and gymnastics are not eligible.
  • Monologues – 4 Minutes – Limit props to what can be easily hand-carried.  Performers are allowed three minutes to set-up.
  • Small Groups (2 – 9 cast members) – 4 Minutes – Limit props to what can be easily hand-carried.  Performers are allowed three minutes to set-up.
  • Groups (10+ cast members) 10 minutes – Scenes involving recordings will not be scheduled sequentially. Prepare a separate application and separate tape for each.
Visual Arts

Includes photography, 2-D, 3-D pieces and computer graphics.  One entry per student.

  • Several art and photography pieces from the Festival will be selected for the Union County Touring Exhibit.  In addition, the County may choose pieces for publication in a brochure or other promotional materials.  Please indicate on Master Sheet if any entry is not available for such purposes.
  • Please submit one application indicating total number of student entries.  Submit separate visual art Master Sheets for each category (i.e., 2D, 3D or Photo).  IMPORTANT: Complete all information requested.  Applications due by January 22 and Master Sheets due by March 4.  Send originals, please do not fax.
  • –Complete separate Master Sheets for each category (i.e., 2D, 3D, photo or computer graphics) and circle category where indicated.  Labels to attach to your entries are enclosed.  Please duplicate as needed.  Each entry must include: Artist’s Name, School, County, Grade, Age, Teacher, Title & Medium.
  • –Only one entry per student is allowed.  Student must be present for critique in order to be selected for further venues.
  • –Hanging Instructions: All 2-D pieces must be appropriately mounted and/or matted.  Work must stay on the panel without falling.  Unframed pieces must be wrapped in acetate – including the mat.  Framed works: DO NOT USE GLASS!  Use PLEXIGLASS only.
  • –All pieces must be suitable for public exhibition and representative of your school.
  • –All work must be picked up from UCC after 2:30 on Thursday, March 24. Each school is responsible for removing artwork between 2:30 pm & 4:30 pm.  Any artwork remaining at UCC after 4:30 that day is NOT the responsibility of Union County or Union County College.
  • – All artwork, including computer graphics, must be original images.  No copy work is allowable.
Media Arts
  • 10 Minutes – Submit DVD. Label DVD with school and student name. DVD player & TV provided.
  • Poetry; Short Story; Essay:  *See separate, additional rules on back
Literary Arts

Several creative writing pieces from the Festival will be selected for publication in the Union County or Creative Writing Anthology or used for other Teen Arts purposes.  Please indicate on the application if any entry is not available for such purposes.

  • Creative Writing due with applications January 22.  Critique sessions are scheduled only for students whose work is submitted with application. 
  • –Please have students bring 2 copies of work submitted to the Festival.
  • Each school is allowed 10 Poetry and 10 Fiction/Essay entries.  (No reports)
  • –One entry per student in either Poetry or Fiction/Essay.  An entry consists of as many writings — In one genre only — as can fit on a maximum of three pages.
  • –Use one side of standard 8½ x 11 white paper with 1″ margins on every side, typed, double spaced.  No hand writing. 
  • Use a standard font i.e., Arial or New Times Roman.  12 pt. minimum.
  • –At top right of page please show: Student’s Name, School, County, Grade, Age and Page Number (i.e., Pg.1 of 1; etc.)
  • Give your poem, short story or essay a title.
  • –Submit everything in duplicate: Two (2) copies, each individually stapled.
  • –Please be certain students understand that they will attend an assigned critiquing session at the Festival with a professional writer for a discussion of the writing they submitted.  Students must attend critique session to be selected for further venues.
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