Fall Troop Program



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Online Registration Beginning 7:00 AM

  • July 12, 2016-1st Squad (1C/T, AA, A, BB1 & BB2/1)
  • July 13, 2016-2nd Squad (BB2/2, B2 & C2/2)
  • July 14, 2016-3rd Squad A Section (C2/3 & C3)
  • July 15, 2016-3rd Squad B Section (D2) & Adults

Each day, online registration will open at 7:00AM and close for that squad at 7:00PM. In Person Registration: July 21, 2016 9:00AM. Registration for all beginner riders and new riders to the program will be in person only. In Person Registration will continue until all spots are filled; accepted in-person only, no mail-ins.



  1. Introduce participants to the lifelong recreational activity of horseback riding.
  2. Teach basic knowledge and fundamentals of good horsemanship.
  3. Encourage good sportsmanship and friendship.
  4. Teach the English style of riding according to the accepted standards of hunt seat equitation.

Instruction is a “do-it-yourself” technique.  Experienced instructors explain and demonstrate, but each trooper is in control of his or her own mount.  Troopers are assigned to squads according to their riding ability as determined by the Stable management.  New members with previous riding experience will be asked to exhibit their riding ability prior to squad placement.  Horses are specially selected for squads based upon their suitability to a particular level of riding.  Troopers will ride a different horse each week and will experience a variety of sizes and temperaments.

Fall Troop Horse Show

Will be held October 28, 29 & 30 for ratings D2 and higher. Separate Horse Show Registration forms and payment must be submitted to participate. Troop classes will not be held on these dates. Beginners will have their own show in their last class. Each participant will be awarded a ribbon based on the order of their finish starting with 1st place.

Attention New Riders—Mark You Calendars!

There will be a new riders meeting, sponsored by the Watchung Stables Auxiliary, sponsored by the Watchung Stables Auxiliary, on Tuesday September 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM to introduce new members into the program.

Required Uniform

All troopers must wear the following: ASTM/SEI certified equestrian riding helmet with a fixed harness, a powder blue long-sleeve shirt with a Watchung Troop Insignia, a yellow or gold neck-tie and a riding crop.

Additionally, all troopers rated D2 or higher must also wear jodhpurs and paddock or jodhpur boots, or breeches and tall boots. Brown or black half chaps are permitted for troop, not for horse shows.

Only first season beginners rated D4 may wear jeans or slacks and a hard sole shoe or boot with a heel. 

Prohibited Items

Bicycle or all sport helmets, sneakers, including riding sneakers, chaps or leggings. 

Watchung Junior Troops

For Boys and Girls 9 years of age and older with or without previous riding experience.  All new members must present a birth certificate and proof of residence.

Troop NameCounty ResidentsFamily Discount Rate
for County Residents
Non-County Residents
Jr. Troop$300$285$390
Beginners (D4)$255$375$350
Troop #DayTimeStart DateRiding Ratings
13Tuesday3:45 PMSeptember 6All
15Tuesday4:45 PMSeptember 6All
19Wednesday3:45 PMSeptember 7All
17Wednesday4:45 PMSeptember 73rd & 4th Squads
6Thursday3:45 PMSeptember 8All
7Thursday4:45 PMSeptember 8All
8Friday3:45 PMSeptember 2All
18Friday4:45 PMSeptember 23rd & 4th Squads
21Saturday9:30 AMSeptember 3All
2Saturday10:30 AMSeptember 3All
9Saturday11:30 AMSeptember 3All
Junior or Senior Troop Membership

For ten lessons of riding instruction, one lesson per week.  Refunds will only be given prior to the second lesson of the troop.  If there is a refund made, there is a *$35.00 administrative charge plus the per diem cost per lesson taken.  Lessons are seldom canceled due to weather.  Troopers must have appropriate clothing available.  If severe weather occurs, troop will be canceled one hour prior to the ride.  Postponed lessons will be added to the end of the season, generally at the usual day and time.  Should a member be unable to attend a scheduled lesson, a credit will be issued ONLY if the Stable is notified at least two (2) hours in advance

Credit Policy

Only 2 credits will be given for missed classes. Credits can be used to make up the session in another class or for ring rentals only. They will not be accepted for private lessons or clinics.

Watchung Senior Troops

For Boys and Girls 9 years of age and older with previous riding experience.  Troopers must have achieved a riding rating of “A” or higher.   Class time 1 hour.

  • Cost for County Residents: $350
  • Cost for Non-County Residents: $450

Please note that there is no discount for any Sr. Troop Classes including a  second Sr. Troop Class.

Troop #DayTimeStart Date
5Wednesday4:45 PMSeptember 7
3Friday4:45 PMSeptember 2
Watchung Adult Troops

Adult Troop Membership is for people 18 years of age or older and is offered for eight, one-hour rides on Tuesday morning and Sunday afternoon.

  • Cost for County Residents: $300
  • Cost for Non-County Residents: $390

Refunds will only be given prior to the second lesson of the troop. There will be a *$35.00 administrative charge if a refund is made.  Should a member be unable to attend a scheduled lesson, a credit will be issued ONLY if the Stable is notified at least two (2) hours in advance.

A maximum of two credits will be issued for each riding season.  No exceptions.  A riding helmet and shoes or boots with a heel are required. Students will be placed in one of the following riding classifications based on experience and the Stable management’s determination

  • Beginner (BEG)
  • Advanced Intermediate (AI)
  • Advanced Beginner (AB)
  • Advanced (ADV)
  • Intermediate (INT)
DayTimeStart DateRiding Ratings
Sunday12:45 PMSeptember 11All
Tuesday10:00 AMSeptember 6All

*All fees are subject to change, approval and adoption by Ordinance by the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders