Cancer: Thriving and Surviving

From Sept. 22 – Oct. 27, the Regional Chronic Disease Coalition of Middlesex and Union Counties is offering Cancer: Thriving and Surviving, a six-week workshop on managing the physical, mental and emotional challenges that come with being a cancer patient or survivor. In the workshop, which will take place every Thursday from 1 pm – 3:30 pm, participants will learn techniques to deal with symptoms, fear, anger, frustrations, decisions about treatment and complementary therapies, communicating effectively with family and friends, and maintaining endurance and flexibility.     

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in New Jersey and makes up almost 21% of all deaths in the state. More than 15,000 people in New Jersey lose their lives to the disease each year and in 2019, 836 people in Union County died from cancer (New Jersey State Health Assessment). Although it has been slowly declining over the years, it still claims the lives of too many.

The workshop is an evidence-based workshop originally developed at Stanford University and is based on the idea that cancer survivors have similar concerns and problems regardless of the type of cancer they experience. It also is based on the idea that they not only deal with cancer, but the impact it has on their lives, families, relationships, emotions, and minds. The workshop is highly interactive and is built around participants working together to create action plans to manage all aspects of their health and sharing their successes. All participants in the workshop will receive a Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions book, a relaxation CD, and other items that will inspire them to manage their health.

Cancer: Thriving and Surviving will be hosted by Jessica Mindo, Chronic Disease Coordinator for Union County and Breon Boseman-Sims, Health Educator for the Union County Office of Health Management. It will take place at the Anthony Amalfe Community Center, a senior center located at 1268 Shaffer Avenue, Roselle, NJ. If you would like to register for the workshop, call 908-518-5622 or email Breon ( or Jessica ( You can also register online below: