County Animal Response Team

dogThe number one reason people refuse to evacuate their homes during an emergency is because they don’t want to leave a pet behind. The County Animal Response Team (CART) works to address the needs of animals during natural or man-made disasters.


About Union County CART

Just like other first responder groups, Union County’s CART needs people like you to learn and train together as well as be ready to respond if a disaster occurs.  We need people with all types of skills, experience and resources.  If you want to become part a professional team that can respond and properly take care of the animals, then please join us.  


How You Can Help

  1. Become part of the Union County CART by calling the Union County Office of Health Management at 908-518-5620.
  2. Prepare your home, business, or farm before an emergency occurs by creating disaster preparedness kits and emergency plans for your family, pets, and  other animals.