Children’s Coloring and Activity Book Competition

About the Competition

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a Children’s Coloring/Activity Book competition for Spring 2020.  We are looking for all Union County high school students to create a child’s coloring/activity book that centers around one of the following topics: Bullying and/or Cyberbullying, Internet Safety, Police Officers are Your Friends, Traffic Safety, Personal Safety, Drug Safety or Weapon Safety.  The book content would be appropriate for children in the age range of K-5th graders.

We are accepting as many entries as each school or high school student would like to subject.  There will be one winner selected from each book subject that was selected.  The winning books will be published and distributed throughout Union County community events starting this summer.

This is a free competition that is offered only to Union County high school students.  The Union County Sheriff’s Office is working hard to connect this office with our community members.

This program is a wonderful way for our high school students to design and create an interactive and educational book for all young children in our communities.

Entry Submittals

  • All registration forms are due by January 31, 2020 February 14, 2020
  • All completed book entries shall be submitted by May 8, 2020
  • All submitted entries shall be completed only by high school students(grades 9th-12th)
  • All submitted entries will need to be sent via email in a PDF format and also mailed in a printed copy.


  • All topics shall be geared to a reader age range of K-5.
  • Each school can submit multiple entries/books.
  • Each book can only be on one of the following topics:
    • Bullying and/or Cyberbullying: discuss the ways to stop bullying and how to protect yourself or others who are being bullied.
    • Internet safety: discuss using the internet for beginners, social media, online bullying, online game playing, etc.
    • Police Officers are Your Friends: discuss how a police officer is your friend and will protect you.
    • Traffic Safety: discuss the safety procedures a child should consider when performing activities such as bike riding, playing with friends, skateboarding, speeding cars, etc.
    • Personal Safety: discuss safety procedures a child should take around strangers.
    • Drug Safety: discuss the ways a child can stay away from drugs/strangers with possible drugs.
    • Weapon Safety: discuss the safety procedures a child should take when encountering any weapon, especially a firearm.
  • Students can choose the title for their book. They do not have to use the specific titles listed above. However, the topics and their general descriptions shall not change.

Book Content

  • Each book shall include illustrations, short narratives and activities
    • The narrative should explain the topic of the book
    • Activities can include word searches, connect the dots, word scrabbles, etc.
  • Each submitting school picks their own design for the illustrations.
    • Ex: Artists can draw free hand or can use a graphic design program
  • Front cover shall be in color. The front cover shall include our office name (Union County Sheriff’s Office), our department patch, and the title of the book.
  • Inside pages shall have a white background with a dark colored outline for all illustrations/activities.
  • Rear cover shall be in color. The rear cover shall include the participant’s school name, the teacher/advisor’s name and all names of participating students for that specific book.

Book Size

  • 6×8 ½ inches with a ½inch margin around all edges
  • A total of 10-15 pages
    • Each page will be printed single sided
  • The final design of the book can be either horizontal or vertical (see two book designs below)
  • Our printing services will add the spiral portion to the book upon its completion

Competition Contact Information

Sergeant Tara Halpin

Officer Adrienne Conti

Officer John Regan

Submission Form

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