Sheriff’s Sale Information

Sheriff Sale Update

  • Sales will be conducted every Wednesday, at the Warinanco Ice Skating Center, 1 Park Dr., Roselle, NJ 07203
  • If attending the sale, please arrive at 1pm to check in.

We are aware of on-going issues with our foreclosure listing page not being updated. Our vendor has been made aware and hope to have this issue resolved.

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The Following Changes Are Implemented To The Conditions Of Sheriffs Sales Effective October 29th 2015

  • All parties may be required to sign in and show funds prior to bidding.
  • No more than $500 cash will be allowed for a deposit, the balance must be in certified funds.
  • If the balance is not paid in 10 days, the purchaser must pay default interest at the current prevailing rate
  • Parties with deeds beyond the 30 days may not be eligible to bid

Sales in foreclosure are for real property only, not structures. We cannot authorize persons to enter or inspect any property that may be offered for sale. The rule of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) is applicable to all foreclosure sales.

All property to be sold at an auction is advertised in the “Star Ledger” four Monday’s prior to the sale. Property is also advertised in a paper serving the sale community. In addition to this advertising, notices of sales are also posted at the sheriff’s business office.  Sales information can be obtained from the Union County Sheriff’s website.

The Sheriff’s Office also offers printed listings of sale properties at a cost of $.50 a page. Persons interested in properties may copy from the master list, which is available at our business office, or they should save advertisements printed in the “Star Ledger” or local newspapers.

We recommend calling the sheriff’s foreclosure unit the late morning of the sale at 908-527-4478 or 908-527-4479 to determine if the sale will be held. Adjournments, settlements or bankruptcies may cause a sale to be canceled. This may occur at any time prior to the sale. In most cases, property will not be re-advertised. To speed your inquiry, refer to the “ch” number that appears in the legal notice or newspaper advertisement.

Sheriff’s’ sales of property are open type auction sales (sealed or mailed bids are not accepted). The plaintiff opens with a bid of $1,000.00 and all subsequent bids are in multiples of at least $1,000.00. Property is sold to the highest bidder.

The successful bidder must pay 20% of the purchase price immediately in cash or certified check at the end of the sale. They must also sign an acknowledgement of the purchase conditions and indicate who will prepare the deed. No more than $500.00 in U.S. currency will be allowed.

The balance must be paid within 30 days.  If the balance is not paid within 30 days the buyer may lose his/her deposit.  Additional time is not granted to the buyer to obtain a mortgage.  Parties that have not paid for their purchase after 30 days from the date of sale may be ineligible to bid at future sales.  Deeds will be prepared in the name of purchaser if an assignment of bid is not received within the first 10 days.  One change in the assignment of bid will be allowed within the first 30 days.  The fee is $150.00  There will be no retyped deed after 30 days. Properties scheduled for sale after July 29, 2019 will have deeds prepared by the plaintiff’s attorney. Any changes to the assignment of bid must be made through the plaintiff’s attorney for these deeds.

The purchaser will receive a sheriff’s deed when full payment of the purchase price is received by the sheriff’s office. This deed may not give clear title to the property. In order to obtain clear title, all liens, taxes or encumbrances must be satisfied. We recommend a title search before you bid on sale property.

Title searches are conducted by private firms. They may be found in through an internet search. They charge a fee for title searches.

To determine how much will be needed as a deposit; you must determine how much you intend to bid for the sale property. Parties bidding may be required to check in and have funds verified by staff prior to sales.  A certified check for 20% of the highest amount you intend to bid should be made payable to Union County Sheriff or County Sheriff.  If you were the successful highest bidder, certified funds presented at sale must be issued within 6 months of the sale date.  Further, all certified funds used at any time to pay off any balances must also be issued within 6 months of all payoff dates.

In most cases, the property can be redeemed by the former owner within ten days of the sale. In some cases, the owner can also declare bankruptcy within this same time period. If this is done, the sale is put on hold until the court makes its decision.

Sheriffs’ foreclosure sales are held every Wednesday at 2:00pm at the Warinanco Ice Skating Center, 1 Park Dr, Roselle, NJ 07203.  No parties will be allowed to check in once sales begin. Any changes to the sale date will be published on the Sheriff’s website.

All persons bidding on property must identify themselves when entering a bid.  Upset amounts can be announced at sales.

If the property is occupied, it will be your responsibility to have any occupants legally removed.

Eviction proceedings are only done by Superior Court order. There is a fee for this order and a fee for the sheriff to evict persons from property purchased at a sheriff’s sale.

A defendant in a foreclosure matter is entitled to two (2) – 28 day adjournments.  The cost for each adjournment is $28.00.  One (1) additional adjournment may be taken if both the lender and debtor agree to an adjournment.  Exact change or money order is accepted. An adjournment must be done in person by the defendant. Identification is required. If someone other than the defendant comes to take the adjournment, a letter must accompany that party giving authorization for that person to take the adjournment on the defendant’s behalf. The defendant’s representative must also provide identification. Adjournments are not taken between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, the day of sales.