Union County Sheriff's Office
Peter Corvelli Jr.

Family violence is an incipient disease that has plagued society since the beginning of man’s social history. Unfortunately, it was not recognized for its consequences and victims were forced to live in silence by misapplied guilt and society’s choice to look the other way. The issue of Domestic Violence rose to the level of social consciousness in the mid 1980′s. Since that time legislators, law enforcement executives, social organizations and church groups have worked tirelessly to protect domestic violence victims and educate the public that this form of social behavior is both unacceptable and intolerable.

In 1988, the Union County Sheriff’s Office established New Jersey’s first Family Violence Unit. Members of this unit have been carefully selected and receive specialized training in conflict resolution, family dynamics and domestic violence laws. The Family Violence Unit works during the evening when it has the greatest opportunity for contact with both the victims and offenders.

The primary responsibility of the Family Violence Unit is the service of Temporary Restraining Orders upon domestic violence defendants. This often involves the removal of the offender from the residence. Removals are emotional events with a great potential for renewed violence.

Sheriff’s Officers must enforce the law without passing judgement on the defendant.