Crime Scene Unit (CSU)

The Crime Scene Unit serves to assist all police agencies in Union County through three primary functions: crime scene processing, evidence processing and latent print examinations/comparisons.

The Crime Scene Unit is comprised of highly educated and thoroughly trained Crime Scene Investigators who specialize in forensic investigations. The unit has a newly updated and advanced Forensic Lab and a large Forensic Garage.

The Crime Scene Unit teaches several different training courses at the Police Academy and at the UCSO Training Center. The unit also participates in school and community presentations throughout Union County.

Our unit is available to assist all police agencies 24/7. Contact the CSU’s on-call phone at 908-370-9058 for questions or for any crime scene related assistance you may need.

Crime Scene Processing/Forensic Garage

The Crime Scene Unit is tasked with responding to and processing all homicide and police-involved shooting investigations in Union County. The CSU also processes all types of crime scene investigations upon the request of any law enforcement agency in Union County. These crime scenes include but are not limited to: death investigations, shootings, assaults, burglaries, motor vehicle accidents, vehicle thefts, sexual assaults, search warrants, etc.

The skilled investigators process these scenes through documentation (photographs, sketches, and 3D scans), analysis of potential evidence (Blue Star, Amido Black, silicone lifters, presumptive tests, etc.), advanced processing procedures (shooting reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, etc.), and evidence collection/packaging.

Evidence Processing/Forensic Lab

The Crime Scene Unit has a brand new, advanced forensic lab on premises. The lab offers the officers the opportunity to process several different cases at the time. The innovative forensic equipment allows the unit to utilize all advanced chemicals, powders, cameras and equipment when processing any type of evidence.

Each CSI personnel is thoroughly trained in all aspects of the forensic lab. They each spend hundreds of hours in the lab processing evidence and producing latent prints.

Impression Examinations/Comparisons

The Crime Scene Unit offers the unique service of impression examinations. The unit is comprised of officers who are trained in the advanced techniques of impression examinations and comparisons; whether they are latent prints, footwear or tire impressions.

The unit is proud to have one of the few Certified Latent Print Examiners (CLPE’s) in the state. In addition to examining all impressions observed at crime scenes and in the forensic lab, the unit receives AFIS verification submittals and print comparison requests from all law enforcement agencies in Union County.