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Color Group Lavender
“Beauty Not A Beast”

Society gives us standards of beauty that are often unattainable. By teaching students at a young age that everyone is beautiful in their own way we can stop bullying at its source. “Beauty Not A Beast” is a positive image campaign that includes high school students writing letters to younger students reinforcing the idea of their inner beauty. In addition to writing letters, students will participate in an ” I AM : ” wall which will allow students to make a public visual representation of what represents beauty in their eyes.

I am beautiful.

I am talented.


Color Group Aqua
“Beat Bullying App” 

This project calls for development of an app that will create an open line of communication for victims, bystanders or anyone impacted by the effects of bullying.

The app will consist of links to resources, hotlines, journals, confidence building exercises and an online chat.

By creating a platform and connecting users through sharing stories anonymously, can give guidance or courage to get out of bad situations.

By speaking up and standing out together we have the power to beat bullying.

Color Group Orange
“Branches Against Bullying”

This compliment drive provides positive messages available to students whenever they need it. A box of leaves will be provided for students to fill out with uplifting messages. Once the leaves are completed and approved by an administrator, they will be placed on the “branches against bullying” tree. Students can take compliment leaves whenever they need one. When the school year ends, the trees will be moved to a centralized Union County location to increase awareness of bullying. By combining the trees, this larger display will illustrate how prevalent bullying is in Union County.