Elizabeth American Job Center

Elizabeth NJ 07201
Phone: 908-558-8000
Fax: 908-558-8005
Monday – Friday
8:30am  to 4:30pm

Plainfield American Job Center

Plainfield NJ 07060
Phone: 908-757-9090
Fax: 908-757-9094
Monday – Friday
8:30am  to 4:30pm


Designed to assist adult workers who have lost their jobs due to a company closing or downsizing, career counselors help direct workers into vocational re-training, counseling, new skills training and job placement.

Dislocated Worker

In response to adult workers who have lost their jobs due to a company closing or downsizing, Workforce Development Operations directs workers into vocational re-training, counseling, new skills training and job placement.

Welfare Training

Work First New Jersey (WFNJ) places a 60-month lifetime limit on benefits and requires welfare recipients to work. For those facing barriers to successful job placement, we offer classroom instruction in literacy, basic skills training, and remedial and occupational training are provided to clients eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). 

Employer Services

The Union County American Job Center offers employers in search of job-ready employees many services, which includes customized training, technical assistance, job fairs and job banks, employee recruitment and seminars that present topics of special interest. 

Youth Services

Designed to assist low-income youth that range in age from 14 – 21 and are school dropouts, deficient in basic skills, homeless, runaway or in foster care, offenders and pregnant or a parent. Services also assist youth that need special assistance to complete an educational program to get and keep a job, as well as other economically disadvantaged individuals in the Summer Youth Employment component.

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The program offers classroom instruction in basic skills, remedial reading and mathematics, adult mentoring; occupational skills training; work experience; and summer employment. Those who are deemed job-ready are given more intense occupational training.

Counseling services are available for all students.

Services for youth include

  • Individual Assessment
  • Preparation for post-secondary educational opportunities
  • Links between academic and opportunity training
  • Tutoring study skills
  • Dropout prevention
  • Summer employment opportunities
  • Work experience
  • Occupational skills training
  • Leadership development
  • Adult -mentoring
  • Supportive and case management services


An eligible youth is defined as

  1. Age 14-21
  2. A low-income individual
  3. Is in one or more of the following categories:
    1. Deficient in basic skills
    2. School dropout
    3. Homeless, runaway, or foster child            
    4. Pregnant or parenting
    5. Offender
    6. An individual (including a youth with a disability) who requires additional assistance to complete an education program, or to secure and hold employment
WIOA Registration Requirements
Union County One-Stop American Job Center – Eligibility Checklist For WIOA Registration

Without all of the following documents, One Stop Case Manager will not be able to determine eligibility. You will not be eligible for assistance without the documents below:

Proof of Address

Must provide one of the following

  • Current Driver’s License
  • or current utility bill
  • or current postmarked envelope
Proof of Age

Must provide one of the following

  • Birth Certificate
  • or Baptismal Certificate
  • or DD-214 Form or Discharge papers
  • or Driver’s License
  • or Federal/State/Local Government ID card
  • or Passport
  • or Adoption Records
Citizen/Legal Residents of the United States

Must provide one of the following

  • US Passport
  • or Certified Birth Certificate
  • or Consular Report of Birth Aboard
  • or Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship
Authorized to Work

Must provide one document from List A or one document from List B AND List C

List A (one document)

US Passport or US Passport Card; Permanent Resident Card or Alien registration Receipt Card (Form I-551);

Foreign Passport that contains temporary I-551 stamp or temporary I-551 printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa; Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)

OR List B (one document)

  • Driver’s license or ID issued by State;
  • ID card issued by Federal/State/Local
  • Government;
  • school ID card with a photo;
  • Voter’s registration card;
  • US Military card or draft record;
  • Military dependent’s ID card;
  • US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner card;
  • Native American tribal document;
  • Canadian driver’s license

AND List C (one document)

  • Original or Certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county, municipal authority, or territory of the United States bearing an official seal;
  • Certification of Birth Aboard, issued by the Dept. of State (Form FS-545;
  • Certification of Report of Birth issued by Dept. Of State (DS-1350), Social Security account number card, if it does not specify that the card does not authorize employment;
  • Native American tribal document, US Citizen ID Card (Form I-197);
  • ID Card for Use of Resident Citizen in the U.S. (Form I-179);
  • Employment Authorization issued by Dept. of Homeland Security
Selective Service

For any male born on January 1, 1960, and later

Proof of Family Income from all sources for past six (6) months

Information needed on any relative  household member

Current pay stub with year to date earnings; Most recent W-2 Forms; if applicable; Spouses most current pay stub with year to date earnings; Most recent Unemployment Stub; Medicaid Card listing all family members; Current Food Stamp letter; Current letter from local Welfare Office or TANF Grant Award letter; SSI or Social Security Award Letter; Documentation from any other source of income

Social Security Card


  • Must have actual copy of signed card or two (2) official papers showing their numbers
Proof of Family Size


  • Most current 1040 Form or Birth Certificates for everyone in the household
Proof of Veteran’s Status

If applicable

  • DD-214 Form or Discharge papers

If applicable

  • Notice of Layoff/Layoff Letter and job search from day of layoff


  • Please bring a current resume


  • -> OnRamp for Jobseekers

If applicable

  • Copy of four (4) year degree
Job Search


  • Must provide a list of the last 15 job searches you applied to.


About the Workforce Development Operations

Elton Armady, Director
10 Elizabethtown Plaza, 4th Floor, Elizabeth, NJ 07207
908-527-4812  Fax-527-4885

Workforce Development Operations (WDO) supports economic development as well as personal independence for Union County residents and businesses through a unified system of job training. Services are designed for welfare clients, dislocated workers, disadvantaged youth, and those with significant barriers to obtaining employment and self-sufficiency.  WDO also works in partnership with private business, labor unions, public and private training schools, and numerous governmental departments and agencies to insure a job ready workforce for existing jobs in Union County and the region.Administrative functions, including policy and planning; budgeting; contracting; grant applications; special projects; Freeholder initiatives; and, liaison activities with the State of New Jersey and the Workforce Development Board are carried out by Workforce Development Operations staff.Hands-on services for clients and employers are the primary focus of the One-Stop Career Centers. These services include:

  • Literacy and basic skills training
  • Language (ESL) classes
  • Computer classes
  • Resume writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Career counseling
  • Job search / placement
  • Job fairs
  • Entrepreneurial training

Workforce Development Operations serves as the liaison for state offices co-located and integrated into Union County’s Park-Madison complex in Plainfield.  This location serves residents and employers in the western region of Union County. In addition to the One-Stop Career Center, the Park-Madison complex houses the County’s welfare offices and the state’s Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance and Employment Services, and the NJ Department of Human Services, Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCC&P), formerly the Youth and Family Services (DYFS).Monthly meetings are held with the 21 One-Stop partners. Workforce Development Operations’ 21 partners provide services through the One-Stop Career Centers/American Job Centers and include the New Jersey Department of Labor; Unemployment Insurance; Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; the housing authorities of Elizabeth and Plainfield; Union County College and Union County Vocational-Technical Schools among others.

Workforce Development Operations administers the federal Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) for Union County. The WIOA program (formerly the Job Training & Partnership Act/JTPA and formerly Workforce Investment Act (WIA), became effective July 1, 1998 and 2014 respectively).  The WIOA requires the establishment of comprehensive One-Stop Career Center/American Job Centers to coordinate and integrate job training programs, information and activities to create a seamless service delivery system that is easily accessible for individuals and businesses. To make job preparation services more widely available, the office operates two satellite One-Stop Centers/American Job Centers located in the eastern and western ends of Union



Resource Directory
Union County is an Equal Opportunity Employer with Equal Opportunity Programs Auxiliary Aids and Services are available to all individuals with Disabilities.
Unión Condado es un patrón de la oportunidad igual con programas de la oportunidad igual Las ayudas auxiliares y los servicios están disponibles para todos los individuos con inhabilidades.
Union County ProgramsWorkforce New Jersey ProgramsCommunity Partners’ Programs
Union County American Job Centers/ One Stop Career Centers
Plainfield American Job Center
200 West Second Street
Plainfield, NJ  07060
Elizabeth American Job Center
921 Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201

Two offices serve Union County residents.  Residents of Elizabeth, Hillside, Kenilworth, Roselle, Roselle Park, Springfield, Union, Vauxhall, and Winfield may apply at the Elizabeth office.  Residents of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Fanwood, Garwood, Mountainside, Murray Hill, New Providence, Rahway, Scotch Plains, Summit, and Westfield may apply at the Plainfield office.   

Languages spoken
English and Spanish

The Union County American Job Centers/One Stop Career Centers are dedicated to delivering high quality, integrated workforce investment education and economic development services for job seekers, incumbent workers and employers.

The One Stop Career Centers are open to both job seekers and employers with a full range of services available for use by all of its customers.

Basic core services are available to all customers entering the system.  Within the One Stop Operating System three levels of services are provided: Basic Core, Intensive, and Training.

Assistance is provided in the areas of job search; self-management skills; interviewing skills, ESL and GED preparation.

Registration is the official application process that is necessary for requesting services other than self or informational services.  Several funding sources are used to provide service to clients.  Eligibility is determined at the time of interview.

Union County Division of Social Services
342 Westminster Avenue
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208
200 West Second Street
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

Two offices serve Union County residents.  Residents of Elizabeth, Hillside, Kenilworth, Linden, Roselle, Roselle Park, Springfield, Union, Vauxhall, and Winfield may apply at the Elizabeth office.  Residents of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Fanwood, Garwood, Mountainside, Murray Hill, New Providence, Rahway, Scotch Plains, Summit, and Westfield may apply at the Plainfield office.

Languages spoken
English and Spanish
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Time limited financial and medical assistance for families with children.
General Assistance (GA)
Time limited financial and medical assistance for single adults in the communities previously listed above.
Provides case management services and emergency assistance to individuals and families receiving TANF, GA, or SSI, as well as offering information and referral services to the general public.
Medical Assistance
State and federally funded health insurance programs for certain groups of low and moderate income people.  Programs include: Adult Medicaid (Nursing Home); New Jersey Care; Medicaid Only; AIDS Community Care Alternatives Program; and Community Care for the Elderly and Disabled.
Adult Services
Assists vulnerable adults who are risk of abuse or neglect, with emergency housing requests, home health care, counseling/crisis management and information, and referrals to other resources and services.
Rooming & Boarding
Provides information and referrals to residents of rooming houses, boarding homes, and residential health care facilities.
The Transportation Unit provides transportation to services covered by Medicaid for recipients who are eligible for Medicaid, General Assistance, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly Food Stamps
A federally funded program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that provides benefits to eligible households in order to increase their food purchasing power and improve the nutritional adequacy of the diets of low income families.
Child Support and Paternity Services
Locates non-custodial parents, establishes paternity, and secures child support and medical insurance for the children of TANF and Medicaid recipients.  For a nominal fee, these services are available to non-public assistance persons.
Union County Vocational-Technical Schools
Union County Vocational-Technical Schools
1776 Raritan Road
Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076
Construction Trades Training Program for Women and Minorities
144 hours of free training, academics and skills, to assist women and minorities in seeking employment in union construction apprenticeships


  • Resident of Elizabeth or Plainfield
  • 20 years of age or older
  • Possess valid NJ driver’s license
  • Possess HS Diploma or GED
United Way of Greater Union County
United Way of Greater Union County
33 West Grand Street
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202

United Way of Greater Union County partners with and supports programs in fifty-nine (59) agencies throughout Union County, including twelve (12) in Plainfield.  There are active community councils in Cranford, Plainfield, Scotch Plains, and Union.  United Way also has many volunteer opportunities for teens and adults.

Eligibility Requirements
Should live or work in Union County, but will include North and South Plainfield, to participate in councils.  United Way serves all citizens.
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVRS)
921 Elizabeth Avenue – 3rd Floor
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201-2306

The New Jersey Department of Labor’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (D.V.R.S.) offers persons with disabilities an opportunity to become independent through employment.

Rehabilitation Counselors provide services to people who, as a result of physical, learning, or mental or emotional disabilities, need assistance in obtaining or maintaining competitive employment.

Customers and Counselors work together to develop plans of service that enable individuals to achieve employment outcomes consistent with their strengths, priorities, needs, abilities, and capabilities.

Depending on the established vocational goal, one or more of the following services may be provided:

  • A vocational evaluation to help identify skills, abilities, interests, and possible job goals
  • Guidance, counseling, and career planning
  • Training to learn the skills needed for the job desired
  • Instruction in completing job applications or developing a resume’, handling job interviews successfully, and developing other job hunting skills
  • Job placement services to make sure the customer is stable in employment
  • Follow-up services to make sure the customer is stable in employment
  • Other services that that customer may need to achieve their vocational goal

D.V.R.S. accepts referrals from all sources.  Applicants must provide documentation that disability limits employment.

Employment Service
Elizabeth One Stop
921 Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201
Plainfield One Stop
200 West Second Street, 2nd Foor
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Employment Service is part of the nationally linked system of public employment offices offering a no fee labor exchange for job seekers looking for employment and employers seeking qualified workers.  Job Seekers must be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work.  If not a citizen, must show eligible-to-work documentation.

Available Services
The Workforce New Jersey Public Information Network offers service to government services and information. America’s Job Bank & America’s Talent Bank Nationwide labor exchange database and resume pool.
Job Referral
Matching jobs to applicants
Vocational Counseling
Assistance in career development and job search engines
Veteran Services
Special veteran staff is available to provide priority services to veterans 
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
Qualified employees from targeted categories are able to be certified.  Program provides a tax incentive for employer communities.
Community Work Experience Program (CWEP)
Services public assistance recipients
On the Job Training (OJT)
Employer-hiring incentive program for public assistant recipients
Unemployment/Income Security

Unemployment Office / Income Security

Elizabeth One Stop
921 Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201
Plainfield One Stop
200 West Street, 2nd Floor
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

Unemployment provides income to eligible clients when they are not working.  Claims are field by telephone to the Call-in Center (RCC) at (732) 761-2020.  Also, any inquiries by customers are instructed to call the same telephone number to have their questions answered.

Assists prospective claimants to file a new U.I. claim, or reopen or reassert an existing claim; trouble shoot any problems that may occur during claims, such as: direct deposit and/or change of address; and will assist in forwarding proper documents to I.N.S. (which will allow claimant to receive extended benefits).

Benefits are paid on a bi-weekly basis using telephone certification or mail claims or via the internet at

The following pamphlet is available upon request, “Unemployment Insurance: Your Rights & Responsibilities”.  It provides an excellent overview about unemployment insurance.

To file a claim a person must have worked at least twenty (20) weeks and have earned at least $143.00 a week.

Behavioral Interventions (BI Inc.)
Behavioral Interventions BI Incorporated Elizabeth Day Reporting Center
921 Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth, N.J.  07201


Program and Services
This program is a re-entry program for ex-offenders.  We provide employment training, substance abuse counseling, and life skills. To qualify applicant must be newly released from prison and meet parole requirements.
Bridgeway Career Links
Bridgeway Supported Employment/Career Services
1023 Commerce Avenue
Union, New Jersey 07083
Program and Services
Career Links is a non-profit, rehabilitation orientated program, focused on assisting individuals with a mental illness to get employment in a community.  Based on each individual, the services vary from supporting persons with pre-employment needs, employment needs, and employment (on- job assistance) to post-employment (maintenance).  Career Links works with DVR to meet person’s employment goal(s).

Eligibility requirements/criteria:

  • Union County Resident
  • Adult (18 and over)
  • In need of employment
  • Mental health issues
City of Plainfield
City of Plainfield
Office of Economic Development
City Hall
515 Watchung Avenue
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

The following services are provided to: Entrepreneurs; Developers; Non-Profits: and Existing Businesses

  • Business Support Services
  • Site Selection and Referrals
  • Urban Enterprise Zone Program
  • Redevelopment Planning
  • Business Retention and Attractions
Easter Seals
Easter Seals – Senior Community Service Employment Program
200 West Second Street
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

Senior Community Service Employment Program places older adults back in the working field and also provides computer training, ESL and Spanish classes.

Must be 55 years of age or older, live in Union County and meet the income guidelines.

Edison Job Corp


Edison Job Corps Academy
500 Plainfield Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08817

Job Corps is the nation’s largest residential and educational training program for economically disadvantaged young adults, ages 16 through 24.  Job Corps is a no-cost education and training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor.  Job Corps provides academic, vocational, and life skills training, including High School Diploma (HSD) and General Educational Development (GED) programs.

The purpose of the Job Corps is to assist eligible young people who can benefit from an intensive and comprehensive program, to become more responsible, employable, and productive citizens, in a strict Zero Tolerance Policy for drugs and violence.  In addition, students will have an opportunity to participate in a paid or non-paid internship that can be either on-campus or off-campus where work assignments will be related to the vocational trade.

This will enable the students to showcase their skills in a real work environment, learn new skills and build upon their resume.  After students leave the program, Job Corps provides placement assistance for jobs, further education (college) and the military, as well as transitional services and follow-up support.  

Eligibility requirements
Must be a U.S. Citizen, 16-24 years of age, a permanent resident, and no active court cases or felonies.
Plainfield Housing Authority
Plainfield Housing Authority
510 East Front Street
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060
Public Housing
Section 8
Family Self-Sufficiency Program
This program is responsible for linking participants to supportive services.  Also provides on-going case management to ensure participants are working towards contract goals. Eligible to residents of public housing and Section 8 program recipients (HCV).
The Incubator
The Incubator
320 Park Avenue
Plainfield, New Jersey 07060

The Incubator is a Plainfield One-Stop Partner in Union County, linking recruiting, training, screening, human services, employment services, city, county, state and federal agencies all under one roof.

The Incubator rents short and long term space within a professional building. Housing and facilitating professionals; emerging businesses; business / workforce development agencies; private / public sector organizations; and non-profit/ faith based organizations.

The Incubator is conveniently located within the booming revitalization of downtown Plainfield, walking distance from municipal parking and NJ Transit downtown station.

B.O.S.S. (Business One Stop Service)
A destination of business information and resources enabling business development and synergy through centralization of various private /public business development organizations located under one roof.  Provides a holistic collaboration of the education and training of the business of business and the politics of business.

Sample Customer Base
– Entrepreneurs
– Home-based businesses
– Professionals (lawyers, accountants, technicians, etc.)
– Consultants and business freelancers
– Contractors
– Non-Profit organizations
– Faith based organizations
– ABC (Amalgamated Business Consultants)
– Local Banks
– WIB (Workforce Investment Board)
– Plainfield Chamber of Commerce
– Union County WIB (Workforce Investment Board Partner)
Rental Space Currently Available
– Conference Room (By The Hour Or Day)
– Training Room
– Office Space
– 6,000 Sq Ft Warehouse With Drive Up Ramp