Village/Area History

Hometown Tales: The Deserted Village




The Glenside Village News was put together by the residents. This issue dates back to October, 1933 and unfortunately is the only example in the Parks archive. The paper included poetry, advertisements, children’s illustrations and “current events,” although it seemed more geared towards entertainment than being a source of information.

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“The Deserted Village” by James B. Hawley  gives a detailed history of the Deserted Village and of the people who owned the property since Peter Willcox first settled there in 1736.  The book also features many original photographs and illustrations.

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The Deserted Village

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This is the National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form submitted for the Deserted Village.  Filled out in 1980, the form details the structural condition of the surviving buildings and the alterations that were needed.  A brief description of each owner and their contribution to the property is also given, promoting the historical significance of the Deserted Village.