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Help Clear a Path for People with Disabilities

Handicapped parking (clipart)Union County, NJ – With another series of winter storms upon us, the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders reminds business owners and managers to clear slush, ice, or piles of snow from any designated handicapped parking spaces at their premises.

Curb cuts, ramps, and other accommodations for people with disabilities should also be checked for obstacles, and cleared if necessary.

“It’s required by state law, but more importantly it’s the right thing to do for your customers – and for our friends, neighbors, and visitors who are living with disabilities,” said Freeholder Mohamed S. Jalloh.

Title 39 of the NJ Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations states that “if snow or ice is obstructing the special parking spaces, curb cuts or other improvement designed for accessibility for the disabled, it shall be removed within 48 hours following the weather condition that caused it ceases.” A person who violates this act shall be liable for a penalty of $200 to $500. 

In addition to commercial properties, the law also applies to schools, nonprofit organizations, and any other facility that has been improved to enable access for people with disabilities.

For information on services for people with disabilities in Union County, call the Union County Office for the Disabled at 908-527-4807 or visit online at Email inquiries are also welcome at


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